‘From Here to Eternity’: An Interesting War Flick

From Here to Eternity won Best Picture in 1953 and so yesterday I decided to watch it. I knew nothing about the film…well, I did know one thing about the movie and that is its iconic kiss.


You know, the one on the beach that was so visually stirring that it inspired tons of rip-off versions in later movies. (My favorite is the spoof version in Airplane! Hilarious!)

I would’ve never guessed that this particularly iconic smooching scene would be the product of a romantic war film that would go on to win Best Picture and honestly, it wasn’t the most gripping movie I’ve ever seen.

My mother, sister and I watched the movie, commenting on its various subjects, namely the young buck Robert E. Lee Prewitt who we felt was a bit cuckoo (just look at his eyes in the film.) His possessive romance with hostess Lorene at a social club had us wondering why she wasn’t getting the memo to not get involved with him. Clearly, she loved him…but only to find misery by the end of the film.

The movie, despite not being one of my favorite Best Picture winners, is understandably iconic in its less-than-favorable portrayal of the Army. It pushed boundaries that had never been pushed before, depicting the Army in a more realistic fashion that left the Army, despite their tampering with the film, ultimately dissatisfied. In fact, the Navy banned its soldiers from watching the movie because it was a “discredit to the armed services”.

That’s rather fascinating.

The best thing about the movie was undoubtedly learning that Frank Sinatra was a remarkable actor (he would win Best Supporting Actor for playing the rebellious soldier, Maggio, in the film) and that riveting depiction of the attack from the Japanese on our shores. It bluntly portrayed how truly scary of a moment that was in American history and why we still honor the sacrifice of all of those soldiers who died on that day seventy-nine years ago.

All in all, while like I said before, I wasn’t blown away by this film it did make me want to learn more about the Japanese-American conflict during World War II and I’m glad I watched it.

I’m giving this movie 93 out of 100 and 4 out of 5 stars.

Watching From Here to Eternity, it became very clear that Tom Cruise’s casting as Maverick in Top Gun was probably inspired by his incredible likeness to Prewitt in the Best Picture-winning war movie. Don’t they look alike? Wow!

Just another interesting tidbit I discovered while watching the film

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a spectacular day.

3 thoughts on “‘From Here to Eternity’: An Interesting War Flick”

  1. Enjoying your blogs about older films. I’d be curious what your impression of Soylent Green would be. Hopefully you would watch before knowing any spoilers prior.

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      1. Started watching A Bridge to Far on Netflix. Wow, a lot of big names in the cast. The surprising name a saw scroll by was John Ratzenberger who played Cliff on Cheers

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