Throwback Friday: What Are the Top Ten ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Episodes According to IMDb?

Star Wars: Rebels is filled with fantastic episodes that have delivered some rather incredible moments. Moments that I’ve just seen due to my recent introduction to Star Wars: Rebels. Moments of which I will never forget. I could easily list my ten favorite episodes from the series so far but I thought it would be more fun to see which episodes rank supreme in the collective viewers’ eyes. So, on that note, here are the top ten episodes of Star Wars: Rebels according to IMDb.

10. Season 3. Episode 14: “Trial of the Darksaber”-9/10


Many of the characters were given extra depth to their storyline with episodes that centered around their personal obstacles but Sabine Wren was always just there…until this episode. Suddenly, we delve into her personal backstory and we soon discover the tragedy that has struck her own life. Gone is the mystery surrounding her character and suddenly she is given that much more meaning in the story.

It was a fascinating approach to her character and indeed one of the best episodes in the series. Plus, the Darksaber lore was pretty fascinating too.

9. Season 3. Episode 21: “Zero Hour: Part 1”-9/10


Thrawn’s masterplan is alluded to throughout the entire third season of Star Wars: Rebels but the masterplan doesn’t come into effect until this episode. Suddenly, we understand Thrawn’s brilliance in a horrifying way and the rebels become the victims of such Thrawn’s precision. Fascinating!

8. Season 2. Episode 1: “The Siege of Lothal”-9.1/10


Season 1 ended with a bang by bringing Darth Vader into the story. Season 2 only built upon that reveal with an epic inclusion of the Sith Lord, showcasing how his power far exceeded that of Kanan and Ezra’s abilities. Suspenseful and laced with peril, The Siege of Lothal is how you’re supposed to start a season off to a great show.

7. Season 2. Episode 18: “Shroud of Darkness”-9.2/10


With Ahsoka, Kanan Jarrus, and Ezra Bridger coming into contact with Darth Vader and his incredible power the three of them realized they needed an upgrade in an understanding of the Force if they were to combat the dark side’s agents.

This led them back to the Jedi Temple on Lothal where each Jedi was forced to come to better terms with themselves and whatever personal obstacles they had to face.

Ezra’s encounter with Yoda was brilliant. Kanan Jarrus’s confrontation with the Jedi Temple Guards was epic. And Ahsoka’s moment with Anakin/Darth Vader tormenting her was pure storytelling perfection. This is an amazing episode through and through.

6. Season 1. Episode 15: “Fire Across the Galaxy”-9.3/10


How many times do I have to keep saying this show is epic? Um…as many times as I possibly can, because it is just that, EPIC! The final episode of Season 1 did not disappoint in the slightest. This episode also now has one of my favorite Jedi moments in the entire franchise. So fantastic!

5. Season 3. Episode 19: “Twin Suns”-9.3/10


A final showdown between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul?! Um…sign me up. This has awesome written all over it, so it’s no surprise this is easily one of the best episodes in the entire series.

4. Season 4. Episode 15: “Family Reunions -and Farewell”-9.3/10


Is this really a surprise? The final episode of the entire series was nothing short of brilliant, delivering a powerful conclusion to a fantastic, well-written story. This episode manages to make me cry every time I see it and I’m sure I will cry when next I revisit it once more.

3. Season 4. Episode 10: “Jedi Night”-9.4/10


My heart cannot handle this episode because it breaks every time. The first time I watched this I could feel a tremor in the Force that something was going to go terribly wrong. When it did…it wasn’t pretty. I cried for minutes on end. The second time I watched this episode I wasn’t much better.

Man, Kanan is SUCH a fantastic character and I just…I’m just devastated by what happens to him. The writers didn’t help matters either by making this the episode when Hera finally tells him she loves him. Gosh, Disney why?! This is supposed to be a children’s show, meaning I shouldn’t be crying buckets after any of these episodes. Ugh, it’s painful.

2. Season 4. Episode 13: “A World Between Worlds”-9.5/10


Star Wars: Rebels manages to take the concept of the Force and create a fascinating realm that literally binds the universe, hence the story of the franchise so far, together in a way that doesn’t upset any portions of the Star Wars fanbase with anything too wild but only builds upon the mystical power that makes the Jedi and the Sith so incredible.

This episode takes the Force to a whole new level and does what I can only hope The Rise of Skywalker can do by literally bringing the prequels, original trilogy, sequels, and even the Star Wars standalone films together in one massively awesome sequence.

Could we see the World Between Worlds in The Rise of Skywalker? Oh man, I hope so because that would be quite something to see on the big screen.

1. Season 2. Episode 22: “Twilight of the Apprentice: Part II”-9.8/10


Is this even a surprise? If you haven’t seen Star Wars: Rebels you wouldn’t understand why this episode has a near-perfect rating on IMDb but if you have seen it I’m sure you’ll comprehend the meaning behind this occurrence.

Twilight of the Apprentice: Part II is absolutely brilliant storytelling, delivering some fantastic action sequences and some fascinating moments which all lead to a searing conclusion that puts chill bumps on my chill bumps due to the music. I cannot get enough of this episode and it TOTALLY deserves the #1 spot on this list.

So, that’s the top ten episodes according to IMDb and honestly, I’m not sure I disagree. Maybe one day I’ll give my own top-ten ranking of the series.

Until then, I thank you for reading and I hope you have a splendid day. May the Force be with you, always.

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