Who’s Your Favorite X-Men Character?

Considering that I’ve been watching so many X-Men movies lately I had to revisit this post for this week’s Who’s Your Favorite? Enjoy!

(My X-Men knowledge is still somewhat limited so I will be listing the characters I am most familiar with.)



Cyclops has always been a cool character because of his interesting eye beam ability and the same can still be said from this most recent rendition of the character. While I never knew that much about the X-Men I still knew who Cyclops was when I was a kid and that shows the impact this hero had on me as a child. I can’t wait to see who will bring him to life this time around.



Nightcrawler is pretty cool, actually. His teleporting abilities are pretty fantastic but it’s when he turns into a deadly wrecking machine that he really gets his chance to shine. I’ve only seen him in the newer X-Men movies so I’m interested to eventually see him in the older X-Men films as well.



Mystique is easily one of the coolest concepts of a character in the superhero world. The fact that she’s this shape-shifting alien-ish sort of being is remarkable and it’s what makes her so intriguing. I like to think of her as the blue Black Widow.

It should be interesting to see what sort of cameos we may see as she shapeshifts into current or previously deceased MCU characters when she appears in later films.

Jean Grey


Jean Grey is an extraordinarily powerful character with her marvelous abilities. Like Cyclops, I knew who Jean Grey was as a child because she was so unique and amazing. I’m not super confident in fully understanding her abilities but I do know that she’s very capable of bursting into flames and that’s cool enough for me.



Quicksilver is pretty awesome. He made a brief appearance in the MCU in Avengers: Age of Ultron but he mainly resides in the X-Men franchise where his likable personality and speedy abilities are given the chance to shine. I like Quicksilver.

Professor X


When I used to think of Professor X who immediately came to mind was Patrick Stewart’s portrayal of the character in the early X-Men movies and just from his performance alone, Professor X has become one of the most iconic and memorable superheroes. Now James McAvoy has the responsibility of the role and I think he did a GREAT job. He’s compassionate, powerful, and he brings a relatable likability to the character that was never really there before.



There is no doubt that Magneto is easily one of the coolest superheroes ever, in my opinion. His power is unprecedented, his outfit is super cool looking, and he’s just a great character. He pretty much needs to take an anger management class but sometimes you need that unstable redeemable villain/hero character to make you happy (like Kylo Ren.) 🙂

Magneto is AWESOME!



The only reason why I know who Psylocke is because of a game I once used to play on my Wii but she was so much fun to play with that I’ll never forget her. Her powers are unique and undoubtedly awesome. Enough said.



There aren’t a lot of black heroines in the superhero universe so Storm clearly stands out and she is absolutely INCREDIBLE! Between her powers over the weather and her ridiculously awesome style with the white hair and blue eyes, she will most likely remain my favorite female superhero for a while. (Please appear in Black Panther 2. Please appear in Black Panther 2. Please appear in Black Panther 2.



Beast is like The Hulk of the X-Men. The difference is, he can control the beast within whereas Bruce Banner. His feral abilities are pretty rad when he gets into action and he’s also very unique looking with that blue hair and beastly features.



I don’t know much about Rogue but I do know this, she’s a pretty interesting character with her abilities to absorb hero’s abilities and all. In ways, that can make her one of the most powerful superheroes of all time which is pretty intriguing. I’m interested in seeing how she can be a character with her powers can be utilized in the MCU.



Wolverine is maybe the most iconic X-Men character of all time due to Hugh Jackman’s extensive portrayal of the character. Wolverine has always amazed me with those incredible claws that jut from his knuckles and his awe-inducing resilience. I mean, Wolverine can get shot multiple times and will still be alive. That’s incredible. Now, that doesn’t mean he’s any match for the likes of Magneto but that’s another story.

So, this is the list of X-Men characters. Yes, there are many, many more X-Men characters that I have missed like Havoc or Angel, Toad, Blink, I even think Deadpool is an X-Men character…I think, but that’s where you all, the readers, come in to fill those gaps.

Personally, my favorite X-Men character by far is Magneto. I will always love Storm because she can be AWESOME but I’ve acquired a recent fascination with Magneto after seeing how remarkably powerful and cool he is! Michael Fassbender plays the role of Magneto perfectly and he’s part of the reason why I started getting interested in the X-Men franchise in the first place.

All in all, the X-Men are filled with delightful characters and that leads me to this inevitable question; Who’s your favorite X-Men character? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

2 thoughts on “Who’s Your Favorite X-Men Character?”

  1. I’m with Magneto, although I liked Ian McKellen’s portrayal in the first movie better. I remember reading that when he was shooting the scene where he walks out of the Senate during an anti-mutant speech, he just imagined himself standing in when Senator Jesse Helms was ranting about gay people. (If you don’t know who Jesse Helms was, consider yourself lucky to have missed his era. He was a TERRIBLE human being.) The entire train station scene is frankly the best Magneto scene in any of the movies, IMO.

    That said, Fassbender does a quite good job playing the character, too, and is a worthy successor to the mantle. Either one is fine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Magneto is AWESOME! Yeah, the train station scene is pretty cool. I’d have to say my favorite Magneto scene is the Washington D.C sequence. He’s just so unbelievably powerful and what he does to Wolverine…ouch.


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