My First James Bond Movie: ‘Casino Royale’

I love movies and as an avid movie lover, of course, I know about James Bond. Who doesn’t? However, I have never seen a single James Bond movie…until today. And that James Bond film just so happened to be one of the best ones and the debut of Daniel Craig’s take on the “devilishly handsome British agent” known as 007/James Bond: Casino Royale.

I love action movies and I am a HUGE fan of the Mission: Impossible movies and I really like John Wick films as well. James Bond was a whole other ball game. It’s basically the Mission: Impossible films except filled with romantic subplots that act as side scenes between the action. I found myself riveted by the storyline in Casino Royale, mainly the romantic drama toward the end of the film that had me legitimately transfixed to the screen. By the time it went off, I began to understand why people like these movies and this character so much and I now have an interest in seeing Skyfall eventually.

However, I will always be a loyal Ethan Hunt fan. Tom Cruise brings the IMF agent to life as he performs stunts that will BLOW. YOUR. MIND in the later films. And Keanu Reeves is the ultimate assassin as he kicks serious butt for a couple of hours in a very violent fashion.

I’m just glad that my first James Bond experience was such a good one.

I’m giving Casino Royale 95 out of 100 and 4.5 out of 5 stars. It was a pretty entertaining action film and that’s all anyone can ask for really.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

3 thoughts on “My First James Bond Movie: ‘Casino Royale’”

  1. Yeah, Casino Royale did very well at… “refactoring” Bond and taking it in a different and more modern direction. All of the Bond movies have their own take on how they go about it. Most old school Bond fans tend to take Sean Connery as their pick for the best Bond actor, but those Bond films were way less realistic. Roger Moore’s were even more so, and by the Pierce Brosnan era they were already trying to reign things in a bit.

    Daniel Craig is more gritty and shot in a very different style. Some of the later Craig movies are deliberately shot in a chaotic camera motion like you were catching a lot of action scenes from unexpected cell phone footage that isn’t well focused on the people, and I’m sure this was a deliberate creative choice; I’m not much of a fan of that, myself.

    That said, Casino Royale was very well done. Eva Green is one of my favorite “Bond girls,” it’s very easy to fall in love with her during the movie, she’s extraordinarily beautiful and those eyes have so much expression in them that she keeps it very interesting.

    (Side note: Halle Berry is probably my other favorite one of the last few years, just as beautiful if not more so and her character actually lived. I read they were hoping to give her her own spinoff series, but it never came to be. I’m sure the fact that the main character would be a black woman instead of a white man had NOTHING to do with why that project ran aground in Hollywood… 😅)

    I would be hard out to think of another Bond movie from the previous eras that I liked as much. “The Spy Who Loved Me” was similarly interesting on the romantic side, but the villain and plot was a bit weird. I honestly can’t think of a Connery one that makes me want to go back and see it again, but I grew up on Roger Moore so… everyone tends to like the one they first saw in their own time, really, but I think Craig is awesome nonetheless.

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    1. Halle Berry was a Bond girl? Wow! I don’t know why I’m surprised. She’s a perfect Bond girl.

      Yeah, that movie was pretty good and the conclusion definitely surprised me. I thought that someone was going to kill the girl and Bond would go on a path of revenge. I didn’t realize she was going to be the villain! PLOT TWIST!

      Definitely the perfect first movie for me, I think. I’m hoping Skyfall will be just as entertaining.


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