‘Hamilton’ Is Absolutely. Positively. 100%. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!

I am screaming inside because this was so incredible. Hamilton‘s hype seemed overwhelming back in 2015-2016 when the world was seeing it for the first time. You couldn’t stop hearing about the Broadway musical Hamilton and how it was changing the world. Now, in 2020, amidst a pandemic that has shut the world down, it feels like I have seen the best movie of the year even though this is a Broadway piece.

Hamilton is as exceptional as everyone says it is. A true work of art that grabs your attention from the very beginning with outstanding performances by its stellar cast that manages to make something so difficult look almost effortless. Continue reading ‘Hamilton’ Is Absolutely. Positively. 100%. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!

‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl’ Is Fun, Fun, Fun!

How do you base a movie off of an amusement park ride and get away with it? I don’t know how Walt Disney did it but they did it and I thank them for it.

A few years ago I saw Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl for the first time and was utterly shocked at how great the film was. For years, I had heard about the movie and I knew about Jack Sparrow but it wasn’t until I watched the movie that I understood why these movies were so famous.

There are really good films that are full of depth and complexity and The Curse of the Black Pearl is none of those things it is a pure joy to watch. It’s as if Disney bottled up the happiness a day at their parks can be and poured it all over this project, delivering an experience that is unforgettable.

The music is perfection, the action is riveting and exceptionally choreographed, the cast, namely Johnny Depp as the ever-lovable Jack Sparrow, is fantastic, and by the conclusion, I am filled with a boundless joy that not a lot of films can provide me.

If you’ve never been interested in giving the Pirates of the Caribbean films a look please do. They are F-U-N. FUN!!!!

I watched it again for only the third time last night and boy was it an enjoyable experience…as you can probably tell.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

Throwback Friday: The Reasons Why ‘Iron Man 3’ Is and Isn’t a Pointless Installment in the MCU

Iron Man 3. Like Thor: The Dark World, it’s a forgotten and seemingly pointless installment in the MCU. Its villain, The Mandarin, is one of the more unforgettable antagonists in the franchise. And Tony’s storyline moving forward barely feels affected by the plot points that are presented in the film.

I don’t watch Iron Man 3 often but after seeing Endgame I wanted to go back and look at the Marvel films I’m less familiar with, one of those films, of course, being Iron Man 3.


Iron Man 3 isn’t exactly a terrible movie but compared to the other two Iron Man films it almost feels like a travesty. With a villain that’s almost more comical than intimidating in The Mandarin and a storyline that’s trying too hard to be grave plus evolve Tony’s character despite the fact that he’s pretty much the same person by the end of the film that he was at the beginning, Iron Man 3 isn’t anywhere near the enjoyable status of my favorite Marvel movies.

And yet, it’s not entirely a pointless film. In fact, it’s almost kind of fascinating to look back at for a couple of really intriguing storylines, one of course being Pepper’s ascension to being a superhero. Continue reading Throwback Friday: The Reasons Why ‘Iron Man 3’ Is and Isn’t a Pointless Installment in the MCU