‘Hamilton’ Is Absolutely. Positively. 100%. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!

I am screaming inside because this was so incredible. Hamilton‘s hype seemed overwhelming back in 2015-2016 when the world was seeing it for the first time. You couldn’t stop hearing about the Broadway musical Hamilton and how it was changing the world. Now, in 2020, amidst a pandemic that has shut the world down, it feels like I have seen the best movie of the year even though this is a Broadway piece.

Hamilton is as exceptional as everyone says it is. A true work of art that grabs your attention from the very beginning with outstanding performances by its stellar cast that manages to make something so difficult look almost effortless.


Lin-Manuel Miranda kills it as Alexander Hamilton, bringing life to a man I always wanted to know about. Daveed Diggs is great as Lafayette but even better as Thomas Jefferson. I mean, he was so funny and clearly my favorite of the cast. Leslie Odom Jr. is fantastic as Aaron Burr, becoming the antagonist of the story in a way where you feel his pain rather than wanting to exactly root against him. Phillippa Soo is loving as Hamilton’s wife, Eliza, but deep beneath that kind exterior is a powerful woman, revealing her as nothing similar to a damsel in distress. Renée Elise Goldsberry is both stunning visually and vocally as Angelina Schuyler, becoming one of the best elements of the musical as she woes about harbored feelings for Hamilton while supporting her sister, Eliza throughout the story as a good older sister should.

By the conclusion, I was literally weeping which I did not expect. The story utterly moved me, making me feel a swell of emotions on all fronts. Joy, anxiety, sadness. I was inspired by the work and the fact that I was staring at faces that looked like my own but it didn’t feel weird or forced. I was elated at the comedic aspect of the musical as it continuously found ways to make me laugh throughout its entirety. And most importantly, I found it incredibly moving.

I will probably be watching it again this evening to soak up the fact that I get to enjoy a musical like this. A musical unlike any I’ve ever seen before.

Literally, writing this, I just broke down into tears knowing that I have FINALLY seen a musical written by a man of color and starring an incredible ensemble cast of color. And the most beautiful about it was it didn’t feel strange.

I’d like to live in a world where a man or woman of color in a leading role for a movie or a musical isn’t strange or a big deal. It’s just…natural.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a spectacular day.

2 thoughts on “‘Hamilton’ Is Absolutely. Positively. 100%. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!”

  1. I watched it over midday with my quaranteaming parents. Very powerful stuff. I’d actually forgotten his son was killed in a duel some time before he was, I knew that and didn’t remember it until I saw it again. Great stuff.

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