‘Ad Astra’ Is the Worst Sci-Fi Movie I’ve Ever Seen

When this movie was coming out last September I judged correctly: the movie looked, excuse my bluntness, dumb. It felt like a vague attempt to capture the same magic that Interstellar manages to bottle up by casting another big-time white male actor, in this case, it was Brad Pitt, and launch him into space for a visually and emotionally filling dramatic adventure.

The other day while watching HBO it came on and so I decided to sit back, relax, and see if my gut intuition was correct. Honestly, for two-thirds of the two hour and three-minute film, I was totally into the story: a story which sees Brad Pitt’s character, Roy McBride, on a classified mission to find his father (Tommy Lee Jones) on the other side of the galaxy before Earth is destroyed.

The visuals sucked me in, the storytelling left me dazzled, and I was blind to see just how unsensible the movie was until the final thirty minutes or so when the film devolved into a boring display of nothingness. I nearly fell asleep as the story refused to deliver any surprises whatsoever. Suddenly, the stunning visuals didn’t matter anymore. What mattered was how disappointing the film’s conclusion.

Looking back over the story; a story that featured a skirmish on the Moon with moon bandits that didn’t make sense, a frightening encounter with rabid space monkeys that got loose in a ship (don’t ask me why), and plenty of other nonsensical material, it’s clear that despite seeing simply awful science-fiction movies in the past, this was the worst.

It was so ill-conceived, so horribly put together and thought through, so unrealistic in its treatment of space travel and trajectories and whatnot, that it is undoubtedly the worst sci-fi film I have ever seen.

I suggest not to waste your time with this one. It had all of the makings of an Oscar-worthy film but veered left far too many times to even be considered for such a prestigious honor.

I’m not going to even give this movie a score, that’s how bad it was.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a remarkable day.

7 thoughts on “‘Ad Astra’ Is the Worst Sci-Fi Movie I’ve Ever Seen”

  1. We need a good, and new, Sci-fi TV show. And (this is crucial) –NOT on a Monday night! Because shows at 9pm or 10pm on a monday night are always getting bumped or delayed til 2 weeks from now, by football, charity-giving campaigns and god-only-knows what else. We want a show that is “consistently ON”, not see-us-again-in-TWO-weeks, every 4th episode. And then—

    It has to move along at THREE TIMES a faster pace of previous failures. Recently, there has been “Manifest”–but it was soooo s l o w. Then it was cancelled. Then, after a wait, it came back and we hoped they had learned from the cancellation. But no, just as slow as before. Cancelled again. There was also recently a show called “Emergence”. This was a little better pace-wise, but somehow, cancelled anyway.

    I would very much like to see, in primetime, either…..a “revival-showing” of the 90s-series of The “New” Twilight Zone episodes (some very creative plots!)—OR—once again, in primetime, showing the 90s series of The Outer Limits. (there were at least 6 seasons of this).

    Special Bonus thought (my wheels are always turning, haha):
    STAR WARS. Palpatine is dead, finally. Before “the OLD Republic” with REVAN, at one time the Galaxy, or a large batch of it was ruthlessly ruled by “the RAKATA”. Over-use of the Dark side corrupted them, and later a plague kiiled nearly all of them and disconnected them from the force. HOWEVER—(here’s an idea for a new Movie)—-in a Youtube video on The Rakata that i watched, it said the Rakata had very high Technology! Even some technology that could Reair itself!–and—that the Rakata had penetrated into much of the Unknown . Regions…..which Rey, Luke, Yoda and Palpatine didnt do and know little of. But—the Rakata have died and the survivors have DE-volved into primitive tribes with little or no reproduction and disconnected from the force BUT–

    What about any old Rakatan technology that may be “laying around” in the Unknown Regions? Why not? Much of it could self-repair. But the Rakata are dead. But who else IN the Unknown Regions may have discovered this technology? and how are THEY using it? Who are they? the Chiss? Some other group? This would likely be technology that the Jedi never had, or had lloonnnng forgotten all about. What if “they” started taking over Planets in “Rey’s territory”? How would the good guys fight against what may likely be old yet superior technology, or even discovered and improved (for evil) technology? –theOwl30

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    1. Yes, television does need a great sci-fi show. That would be pretty cool, the whole Rakata idea. Honestly, Star Wars needs some new enemies because the old story is getting more boring with each passing year.

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  2. I totally disagree! I thought it was absolutely stunning. The Moon attack sequence was spellbinding (why didn’t it make sense? I thought the lack of sound and the use of gravity made it one of the best chase scenes ever). But I obvioulsy respect your opinion!

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