The Five Reasons Why ‘Justice League’ Is SOOO Terrible

Yet again on a boring evening, my sister and I tried to watch Justice League. We ranted about the movie for twenty minutes straight before switching channels and electing to watch The Fate of the Furious to save brain cells.

Justice League, a film featuring six of the greatest superheroes ever conceived, could’ve been absolutely incredible. Instead, it was allowed to devolve into a story that doesn’t make sense and is just pure garbage. The extended edition of Batman vs. Superman looks like The Dark Knight in comparison. That’s how terrible it is. So, today, I wanted to share the five reasons why this movie is so egregious.

1. Having to Introduce Three New Characters

It’s hard enough to have a superhero movie that features multiple superheroes but to have to introduce three new complex characters to a story that only has two hours to be told seems preposterous. The result says as much.

Cyborg could’ve been cooler. Instead, he doesn’t get to really do anything except talk seriously, fly around, and get plugged into a glowing box. Aquaman only gets one chance to show how powerful he is with water. The rest of the movie he’s trying to come across as this likable guy but he’s very much the opposite. And Flash, first off, I don’t like Ezra miller. Secondly, he’s supposed to be the comic relief aspect of the film but he comes across as annoying after a while rather than legitimately funny like Spider-Man in Avengers: Infinity War.

2. Horrible CGI


The CGI in this movie is laughably bad. With entire sequences that look like something out of a video game, Justice League is the pinnacle of poor CGI. In fact, this movie looks so bad it makes the visual effects in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies look kind of good.

3. Where’s the Music?

Music is the soul of a movie. When I think about the Avengers movie there is always a love of the music somewhere in the conversation. Alan Silvestri delivered powerful musical scores for both Infinity War and Endgame that prompted me to put the soundtracks on my Spotify. And then when I think about the music for Justice League it’s nonexistent in my mind. There is no theme, no astounding music that stands out, it’s just blah.

4. Superman


First off, it was a bad idea to kill Superman in Batman vs. Superman. Especially that it was a tease death which would be reversed in Justice League. Secondly, when he was revived it was the worst iteration of Henry Cavill’s Superman in the four DCEU films he graced.

The fact that he wasn’t able to shave his mustache meant that they had to CGI-erase it. Bad idea! His mouth looks really weird.

Three, because fans said he was too dour the writers decided to make him a smiling idiot with a sense of humor and it came across so sickeningly bad that I can’t help but wonder, “Who made this movie?!”

5. Sexualizing Wonder Woman


We get it, it’s Wonder Woman and Diana Prince is supposed to be gorgeous and with Gal Gadot playing her, she is, but that doesn’t mean we need to have several what feel like blatant butt shots of Wonder Woman. And then, on top of the super-tight pants, she’s forced to wear in this movie she’s wearing shirts with her cleavage super-visible.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

In Batman vs. Superman, I loved that they never refrained from making her beautiful but the clothes she wore were classy, elegant, and there were zero butt shots. I guess Joss Whedon couldn’t help himself.

Plus, that little romantic attraction between her and Batman in Justice League feels like something out of a boy’s fanfiction version of the story rather than something that should actually be allowed in the film. 😵

All in all, I could do a whole lot more ranting about this movie but those are the five things that make me absolutely despise this film.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

What’s Your Favorite Leia Moment?

It’s another Sunday and that means it’s time to visit another segment of Who’s Your Favorite? Today, however, is rather special for Star Wars fans around the world because it is the late-great Carrie Fisher’s birthday (she would’ve been 62.) So, to honor the woman who has brought so many smiles to people across the globe, she is the subject of today’s Who’s Your Favorite?

Now, Leia has countless memorable moments during her time in this franchise but I’m going to take at least one exciting moment from each film that she’s graced for this list. Enjoy!

1. A Rogue One Surprise


Rogue One brought some fantastic surprises near the end of the film as it swiftly led into A New Hope‘s story and one of those shocking reveals was CGI Leia. Not only was it brilliant but it proved that technology could be used in truly exciting ways for future Star Wars films.

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