Movie Review Flashback: ‘Moana’ Is a Beautiful Movie For the Empowerment of Young Girls

I watched Moana because I’ve been wanting to see it for two years straight. I had, for a while, lost interest in Disney movies but Frozen reawakened that excitement. I literally own Frozen, I enjoyed it that much. I know most of the songs by heart and the story was superbly told as it was unlike any Disney princess movie I had seen. So, since then I watched Zootopia, which I loved, and Inside Out, which I actually didn’t like that much if I’m being honest but I had never gotten around to watching Moana. Well, I’ve finally seen it and I can honestly say, it’s a beautiful movie.


There is a lot of heart to this story and what made it such a fantastic film for young girls to see is the fact that it truly stayed front and center on Moana through the entirety of the movie. The story never deferred from her, she was always the hero through the vast majority of the film, and it showed that girls can be just as heroic as the boys any day. Whenever she found herself in tough situations she used her wit and determination to get out of it and whenever she was at her lowest she found the inner strength to keep going. Moana isn’t a story about a princess falling in love with a prince but rather a young woman wanting to save the world and that is a powerful change to the narrative of girls in Disney movies. Continue reading Movie Review Flashback: ‘Moana’ Is a Beautiful Movie For the Empowerment of Young Girls

The Ten Coolest Aliens in ‘Star Wars’

Star Wars is known mainly for its fantastic human characters and its wildly imaginative worlds and stories but a part of the reason why Star Wars is such an amazing franchise is because of the various species throughout its vast topography. And there are a LOT of incredible aliens in Star Wars. So, here are the ten aliens I find are the coolest in this lovable franchise. Enjoy!

10. The Infamous Sarlacc

databank_sarlacc_01_169_c5356bf9Ever since I saw Return of the Jedi I have been strangely fascinated by the Sarlacc. The fact that it digests its unfortunate victims over an agonizing thousand years is not only horrifying but kind of interesting. First of all, it shows that this terrifying creature has evolved to survive in the brutal, arid world of Tatooine due to its only having to eat every thousand years. Secondly, I would just love to know what exactly happens to the things it eats. I bet it would be horrifically fascinating. Continue reading The Ten Coolest Aliens in ‘Star Wars’

Revisiting the Trailers for ‘Black Widow’, ‘Mulan’, and ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

This is an unprecedented summer that has left movie lovers, like me, a little bummed. With so many blockbusters to look forward to this year, it almost seems cruel that we didn’t get to see any of them. That didn’t stop me and my sister from revisiting the trailers for this year’s most-anticipated blockbusters and yes, they were just as fascinating as I remembered. So, with no further delay, here’s a look at those trailers.

Black Widow is a movie we’ve been waiting for for years and now we’ll finally get to see this story unfold…the right way. The other two trailers for the film had me vaguely interested but it was this trailer that peaked my enthusiasm.

Black Widow has been awesome since her Avenger days in 2012 when she took on an army of Chitauri despite being a simple assassin/secret agent. Now, we get to see her in the spotlight; a woman with zero superpowers but some serious fighting skills. It’s going to be fun and I am ready for every second of this delightful action movie. Continue reading Revisiting the Trailers for ‘Black Widow’, ‘Mulan’, and ‘Wonder Woman 1984’