Ranking the ‘Mad Max’ Movies

Science-fiction is a microcosm of ideas both uber-rad and ridiculously atrocious. There have been some terrible science-fiction movies over the years but the ones that are good are reeeaaal good. The Mad Max franchise is a testament to why science-fiction is one of the coolest fictional genres of all time.

Told by Australian screenwriter/director George Miller, Mad Max is the rock-and-roll version of science-fiction. Filmed as an Australian movie in the land down under, these movies weren’t designed to become something that the entire world would love but with, at the time, the unknown Australian actor Mel Gibson at the helm of this franchise it was destined to become one of the greatest science-fiction franchises of all time.

Recently my sister and I watched the first three Mad Max for the first time and it was nothing if not exhilarating. My father has been talking about The Road Warrior for years. Now I know why. It’s pretty awesome, especially for 1981. So, with no further delay, I’m going to share my rankings of this very, very fantastic science-fiction gem. Enjoy! Continue reading Ranking the ‘Mad Max’ Movies

‘Captain Marvel’ vs. ‘Wonder Woman’: Which Movie Is Better?

Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman are the recent female-led superhero movies that we have managed to be given in the last few years and for various reasons, fans of each fandom (or both fandoms) have their reasons for liking or disliking these two movies.

Neither movie is perfect but overall they’re pretty entertaining. Today I’m going to share my comparison of the two films in several different categories and together we’ll see who ends up on top. Enjoy!

Lead Actor

Gal Gadot


In terms of matching Wonder Woman’s beauty, Gal Gadot does fit that box but in terms of acting ability Gadot is shaky at best. She’s the proof that it doesn’t take much to play a superhero and helm your own superhero film.

Brie Larson


Unlike Gal Gadot, Brie Larson has won an Academy Award for acting when she won an Oscar for her performance in Room in 2015. Despite the fact that Captain Marvel, ultimately at the moment, is a one-dimensional character she embodies the role perfectly and can surely, if need be, tap into her acting chops.

So, of these two, I feel that Brie Larson is the better casting choice. Gadot is a good Wonder Woman but she doesn’t feel irreplaceable.

Captain Marvel: 1 pt Continue reading ‘Captain Marvel’ vs. ‘Wonder Woman’: Which Movie Is Better?