Who’s Your Favorite Powerful Avenger?

The MCU has its fair share of fascinating and lovable characters but there’s only a few that can be deemed as ultra-powerful, a list that is gradually growing over the years.

As of right now, there are only four truly exceptional heroes and each Avenger has their own reasoning for being especially exceptional. Today, for this week’s Who’s Your Favorite?, I thought it would be fun to tackle this topic. Enjoy!

Doctor Strange


In 2016 we were introduced to Doctor Strange, a mystic hero with the ability to turn back time, travel to different dimensions, and prevent intergalactic supervillains from destroying the world without anyone ever knowing how close the Earth was from being consumed by a terrible antagonist like Dormammu.

Doctor Strange’s power has been utilized considerably in a number of different fashions but it isn’t until his confrontation with Thanos that we begin to understand just how truly powerful he is. He blocks a blast from the Power Stone, he turns a tempest of wind and rock into a flurry of beautiful butterflies, and he can create dozens of himself to fight if need be.

Basically, you don’t want to mess with Doctor Strange.

Captain Marvel


We have just recently met Captain Marvel and her power has been displayed very fantastically. Up until this point Captain Marvel was never invited to the party because basically, she’s too powerful. She would’ve wiped out the likes of Loki’s invading Chitauri army in a heartbeat. And Ultron…heh, TOAST! You can’t make a good movie if the heroes don’t have a villain that can potentially kill them.

Thankfully, Thanos was powerful enough for Captain Marvel to finally join the already-stacked roster of Avengers but still, the writers haven’t figured out how to keep her from being nothing more than a glowing wrecking machine. She can tear through ships and if it wasn’t for the Power Stone ultimately defeat Thanos in a fistfight any day of the week but because she is so powerful she doesn’t, at the moment, have any real depth, making her one of the most disliked Avengers. I’m hoping Captain Marvel 2 can improve peoples’ perceptions of her.

Scarlet Witch


Wanda Maximoff first appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron where her power was used sparingly but effectively. We saw her nearly incapacitate all of the Avengers as she showed them their worst fears. When she lost her brother Pietro we got to see just how powerful she can be as she disintegrated several Ultron bots into mere dust from the outpouring of her grief-stricken power.

As each movie goes by, we get to see more and more of Wanda’s power. In Captain America: Civil War we saw her take Vision out of the equation as if he was merely a man, not a Mind Stone-wielding, vibranium-infused being that is supposedly one of the most powerful Avengers. We also know she can hold hundreds of tons of stone with her power thanks to the battle on the airport tarmac in Civil War.

In Infinity War, her power is even greater. She picks up three heavy killing machines in Thanos’ army and disables them with simply a toss to the ground, taking out a slew of Thanos’ army with them. AND she fended off Thanos with his Infinity Stones with one hand while having to destroy Vision’s Mind Stone with the other. Impressive, most impressive.

And we can’t forget how she almost killed Thanos in Endgame if it wasn’t for him cheating all of the time. And this is only a hint of her true power.

Kevin Feige has confirmed that she is the most powerful Avenger which is an exciting thought leading into WandaVision.



And then there’s Thor, the Asgardian God of Thunder, who has been around the longest on this list since his MCU debut in 2011. We know he can summon lightning which makes him pretty extraordinary in a fight but we’ve also seen him survive two fights with The Hulk, Thanos with the Power Stone, getting blown out of a ship and left to drift in space, and he survived the ultimate opponent: an ACTUAL star!

Thor is not only one of the most powerful Avengers for his abilities he brings to a fight but rather the beatdowns he’s managed to endure over the years. (And don’t forget those times he resurrects himself when reclaiming Mjolnir or his newest weapon, Stormbreaker.)

So, of these four Avengers, who’s your favorite? For me, honestly, I love them all for various reasons but my favorite among them is Doctor Strange. Ever since I watched The Ancient One send him through a bunch of different realms I have been FASCINATED with this character and all of the story possibilities.

It’s too bad we won’t get the Doctor Strange sequel anytime soon.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

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