‘Avengers: Endgame’: A Hero’s Redemption Part 7

Iron Man is the type of hero where you could either love him or you could hate him. He’s always been egotistical, narcissistic, self-absorbed, pretty much a billionaire douchebag at times. And yet, he’s also one of the most heroic heroes ever brought to the big screen, making him not only memorable but entirely different than iconic heroes like Batman and Superman, or even Captain America for that matter.

Iron Man’s story has shaped the MCU and his conclusion in Endgame was not only perfectly established and executed but emotionally and impactfully powerful as well. There’s a reason I can’t stop crying whenever the end of Endgame arrives. His story, whether I knew it or not, has affected me deeply, and knowing that it has reached its end is both heartbreaking and rewarding at the same time.

Today, on the final part of this series, I’m focusing on Iron Man’s incredible last leg in this fascinating journey. Enjoy!

His Love for Pepper Potts


At the heart of Iron Man’s core is Pepper. She is the rock that stabilizes him. She is his shining light when everything else goes dark. That’s why, in Captain America: Civil War, he was so unbalanced. She had momentarily dumped him and he didn’t know how to handle it. Losing her was like losing grip on reality itself.

After being defeated by Thanos and drifting in the cosmos to a certain death he tells Pepper that he will be alright and that he will be dreaming about her in his final moments. It’s yet another testament to how important she is to his story and how deeply he loves her.

(It’s so sweet.😢)

Defeated and Upset


Tony Stark had known The Avengers would be defeated ever since the Battle of New York. In his trauma, he had provided the idea of a “suit of armor” around the world but of course, that didn’t happen after he created Ultron. Day by day, he knew Thanos would arrive but wasn’t prepared for the moment when he would actually show up, thus when the moment arose for to him finally face Thanos he was beaten effortlessly.

Knowing that he had known Thanos was coming and no one, especially Captain America, had listened was a hard pill to swallow.

Unwilling To Help


Tony Stark has always been a selfish type and when displayed with the chance to bring back half of all life the chances of survival were almost laughably slim. While his fellow Avengers may have been a bit peeved that he wouldn’t immediately help them in their mission they would soon discover that he was just as eager to save the universe.

“I Love You 3000.”


Throughout most of his life, Tony Stark never entertained the presence or the thought of children. So for him to have a daughter in Endgame is not only a massive change in his character but another personal step in his story. He loved Morgan H. Stark more than anything in the world and he would do anything to make sure she wouldn’t grow up in a world where people like Thanos could ruin her life.

Making a Difficult Choice


Tony knew that helping The Avengers could ultimately lead to his demise. But even Pepper knew, if he did, he would go on every day for the rest of his life knowing he could’ve done something about the Time Heist situation and not helping would eat away at him until he succumbed into despair. Especially if something dreadful happened one of The Avengers and he could’ve potentially helped.

Rejoining The Avengers


Tony’s friendship with Steve had been…shaky at best, but it was only at this moment that he let the anger that corroded their relationship to be fully eradicated. It was at this moment when he walked back into the role of an Avenger and was fully prepared to do whatever it took to save the lives of those that had been lost.

A Special Father/Son Reunion


Tony Stark had always harbored a sense of resentment for his father because his dad was so tough on him growing up but in his older age he had grown to love his father. Coming face to face with the man that had made him who he is was not only a beautiful moment but a perfect homage to his entire journey throughout the MCU.


I find myself thinking about a scene in Iron Man 2 when Tony’s watching an old video of his father and how Howard Stark says into the camera, pertaining to Tony, “My greatest creation is you.”

Wow. Where are my tissues?

Husband and Wife Avengers


Iron Man and Pepper’s journey evolved over the last eleven years and this was the epic culmination of their story. I remember the first time I saw this incredible moment. I cried like a baby, in fact, I still can’t help the tears that fill my tears during this mesmerizing sequence. Tony and Pepper were fighting together, as a pair of iron clad heroes, in the ultimate battle of the ages. Amazing!

The Ultimate Sacrifice


Throughout the MCU, Tony has been viewed as the selfish hero, the hero who cares about nothing but himself, but deep down he’s just as heroic as Captain America. He had nearly died saving everyone in The Avengers as he prevented the nuclear missile from destroying New York. Time and time again, he does whatever he can to save the day from countless villains. And when the moment arose for him to save the universe, even knowing that he was going to die, he snapped his fingers anyway.

It’s hands down the most heroic moment in the franchise and definitely one of the greatest moments in movie history.

Robert Downey Jr, Tony Stark, Iron Man, I can’t express in words just how much this man has affected me through the years. As a girl, I would marvel at Iron Man as he flew through the sky and blasted bad guys with his beams. As a teenager, I continued to be blown away by this incredible hero who only evolved with every film. And now, as an adult, I can fully appreciate the beauty of his story and how much joy he has given me over a good chunk of my life.

Even now, as I revisit these movies, I find myself missing Iron Man’s quirkiness and wit all over again. If there is a Superhero Hall of Fame he deserves an induction asap.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a tremendous day.

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