Captain America: Secret War (PROLOGUE)

In the snowy tundra of Russia, propellers can be heard amidst the harsh whistles of the wind. Deputy Task Force’s overwhelming presence surrounds a secret HYDRA base buried deep into the rocky landscape. To some, the base would seem like an abandoned outpost of a bygone age but to the Deputy Task Force, they knew the headquarters holds many secrets.

There is one person in particular who knows the base’s capabilities better than anyone. Her name is Doctor Whitney Frost. She walks through the stronghold, assessing everything but not caring about anything. She knows her plan but nobody else does. She would like to keep it that way.

A man by the name of Sergeant Lorne walks toward her, his expression stern but his eyes sparkling with a fierce intensity. She knows he’s attracted to her, a disgusting prospect considering that she doesn’t like him in the slightest. Apparently, he didn’t seem to mind the right half of her face which had been scarred badly due to a past accident. It was annoying, to say the least.

“Doctor Frost,” he says, acknowledging her.

She nods her head at him. He slyly bars her way forward so she pretends to stop, crossing her arms and surveying the workers.

“What are we doing here again?” she asked, pretending to be naive.

He chuckles. “That’s what I keep asking.”

A woman joins them, her body language presenting her authoritative status. Her name is Commander Swint.

“We’re here because there was a lot of criminal activity here. Baron Zemo, Captain America, and Bucky Barnes were all sighted here at the same time due to Stark’s report. We want to know why.”

“But wasn’t that six months ago?” Doctor Frost commented.

“I’ve got my orders, Doctor,” Commander Swint said as she began to walk away.

When she was out of ear range Sergeant Lorne spoke. “I’d rather be in a hotel room right now if you know what I mean.”

He winked.

Frost, at that moment, so badly wanted to wring his neck. Instead, she grinned. With that, he left her. She released a long breath of relief. Looking around to make sure no one was spying on her she hurriedly left the area.

Deputy Task Force was forging through a good section of the base but there was one area of the HYDRA headquarters that wasn’t to be tampered with. This is the area that she slyly weaved her way to.

She eventually found herself in a particular hallway. In the middle of the hall, a pair of guards wielding hefty looking guns stood before an entrance to a room. This room was her destination.

She walked toward the guards in a harmless fashion. They watched her every move, their jaws clenched and their hands clasped tightly on their weapons. When she drew closer they raised their guns.

“Don’t come any further ma’am,” one of the guards said.

She continued forward as if she didn’t hear them.

“Ma’am, I highly advise you to…”

Before he could finish his sentence she unholstered a silencer gun from a hidden holster in her jacket, downing them with two single shots. She moved past the corpses, entering the restricted area.

The room, in particular, was a wreck, filled with debris and large boulders piled in heaps around the large space. Her eyes, however, were not for the mess, but instead, the undeniable potential situated in the five capsules placed around the room.

In those five tankards filled with a strange yellow light sat her chance for world domination; Winter Soldiers. They had long been killed and yet their bodies hadn’t rotted. They seemed almost in a dormant state of sleep as they sat comatose in their pods.

Her eyes widened as she looked at them. She could see their strength emanating from their bodies. Maybe it was their body structures or their calm expressions that radiated power. They were more beautiful than anything she had ever imagined.

From her pockets, she pulled five circular nodes interlaced with intricate engravings. She stuck a single node to each capsule before closing her eyes.

“Rise, my warriors,” she said.

The five nodes immediately hummed with fierce charges of purple energy that pulsed up the length of the pods in quick successions. Doctor Frost watched wide-eyed as the Winter Soldiers began to jerk inside the containers, the whites of their eyes showing as they remained partially deceased.

And then, with one final pulse, the pods’ glass cases shattered and the five individuals fell from the capsules onto the floor. Her heart pounded in her chest as she anxiously watched the Winter Soldiers. And then, slowly, they began to move, rising to their knees and breathing heavily. Their foreheads were bloodied from the individual bullet wounds but beyond that, they looked as alive as ever. Their eyes, however, were haunting to look at.

Their pupils were now a deep violet, their eyes were ringed with darkness and their gazes were horrifyingly blank. They looked like zombies.

Frost approached them carefully, her silencer gun in hand if the need arose. One of the soldiers, a fierce-looking man with a strong jaw, looked up, his teeth and hands clenched.

“I am not here to hurt you,” she assured him.

What’s going onhe growled in Russian. He looked down at himself. What is happening?

The other Winter Soldiers gazed at one another in shock and awe. And then their gazes turned toward her and their expressions became stone cold. She raised her gun just ever so slightly, emphasizing the fact that she wasn’t scared to shoot if need be.

Who are you? the blond-haired female Winter Soldier asked.

She kept her gun leveled at them as she responded, My name is Doctor Frost. I have raised you all from the dead to fulfill an important mission.

Are you a witch? the bald-headed Winter Soldier with the slanted eyes asked.

She shook her head. I am not a witch but I have been granted an incredible power. One that was able to bring you all from beyond the grave.

What is this mission? the first Winter Soldier spoke.

She regarded him sternly. World domination.

He stood, regarding her suspiciously. The other Winter Soldiers followed his lead, rising groggily and watching her with those lifeless eyes.

She aimed her gun at the man’s face. But, if you want to live, you will have to do whatever I say.

The Winter Soldiers still looked like they were a moment away from pouncing on her so she hurried to the next phase of her plan. She began uttering the random Russian words that were designed to hypnotize these programmed enhanced soldiers. And like magic, their bodies straightened, their fierce expressions softened, and in unison, they stated bluntly, Ready to comply.

She couldn’t stop the smile that stretched across her face. Suddenly from behind, she heard a familiar voice.

“What in the world is going on here?”

Frost turned to find Commander Swint staring at her wide-eyed.

She turned to the Winter Soldiers. Kill her, she spoke in Russian.

The stern soldier didn’t hesitate. He sprinted forward and before Commander Swint could pull her gun from her holster he punched her with a devastating blow. She crumpled to the ground, dead.

The soldier looked at Frost, his chest heaving with the ferocious intensity. Frost smiled.

Follow me.

Frost walked past the commander’s corpse, leaving the restricted area and walking through the base with the intention of leaving the secret HYDRA headquarters.

Kill anything that moves, she commanded.

And that’s what the Winter Soldiers did. Every person they saw they eliminated with deadly efficiency, using their brute strength and incredible agility to dance among the Deputy Task Force soldiers with shocking ease.

Frost turned a corner and found Sergeant Lorne standing with ten officers at his back, their guns aimed directly at Frost and her warriors.

“Stand down!” the sergeant yelled.

Frost holstered her weapon. “Sergeant, I’m not going to feel one bit sorry about what’s about to happen to you.”

His eyebrows furrowed.

Her hands rose, her dark hair began to flow around her head as if invisible gusts of wind were carrying it, her eyes began to glow, and her teeth clenched. The Deputy Task Force officers gazed at her with gaped mouths and fearful gazes. Random scraps of metal from the floor around her were lifted from the ground and with a simple thrust of her hand the metal flew toward the officers as deadly projectiles.

The officers screamed as they tried to get out of the way but to no avail. Frost continued walking forward, stepping over the officer’s impaled bodies. Her Winter Soldiers trailed closely behind, a newfound respect for her emanating from them.

They soon exited the headquarters, a trail of bodies littering the halls behind them. Stepping out into the bitter cold and the howling wind Frost gazed at the sky and took a deep inhale of breath.

Let’s rule the world, she spoke in Russian.


Header Photo Courtesy: Marvel Studios








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