Captain America: Secret War (ONE)

To most, it seemed like a normal day in New York City but to Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter, they knew better. They walked down the city’s busy streets, their eyes locked on the skyscrapers around them as if they were simple tourists, but they were really looking for three HYDRA agents whose next step in a diabolical plan was going to get thousands killed.

They stopped at a crosswalk. “We’re never going to find them,” Sharon said, flicking her dyed black hair over her shoulder agitatedly.

Steve’s narrowed eyes surveyed the windows in the skyscrapers surrounding them. “They’re here. Any moment now they’ll show themselves. They always do.” Continue reading Captain America: Secret War (ONE)

The Three Greatest Millennium Falcon Action Scenes in ‘Star Wars’

The Millennium Falcon, it’s the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. The ship that captivated the eyes of millions of viewers since 1977, the Millennium Falcon is a beloved vessel. When one thinks of iconic vessels in science-fiction you may be easily drawn to say the Nostramo or the USS Enterprise but the Millennium Falcon will always be a part of that conversation because it is so iconic.

This year may be the last time we ever get to see this dazzling hunk of junk on the big screen, which is truly a depressing thought, but I’m sure J.J Abrams will deliver a fascinating action scene that’ll highlight the Millennium Falcon in the best way possible.

Today, I want to celebrate this incredible ship by highlighting its three best action scenes. Enjoy! Continue reading The Three Greatest Millennium Falcon Action Scenes in ‘Star Wars’

Fan Art Wednesday

Oh yeah, Fan Art Wednesday! So this week there was this art challenge going on featuring artists sharing nine portraits of theirs so, of course, this would be the focus of this week’s Fan Art Wednesday.

By @uzuriart

This is beautiful with fan art and original art mingled in perfect harmony, delivering nine lovely portraits that manage to bring a smile to my face. Continue reading Fan Art Wednesday