Fan Art Wednesday

Oh yeah, Fan Art Wednesday! So this week there was this art challenge going on featuring artists sharing nine portraits of theirs so, of course, this would be the focus of this week’s Fan Art Wednesday.

By @uzuriart

This is beautiful with fan art and original art mingled in perfect harmony, delivering nine lovely portraits that manage to bring a smile to my face.


By @belgeist

Um…this is awesome. A little dark and totally out there, these nine portraits featuring a bunch of different characters is fascinating, to say the least.

By @bluespaghetti1

This is so cute. Ah, I love it!

By @uzuriart

Once again, here’s another set of nine pictures that are simply lovely. And Captain Marvel, ah I love this pic of her.

By @DocShaner

This is so cool. The art is really nice and stands out. Just really, really nice.

By @Kellzallday

I love this so much! Manga is one of the coolest art forms because not only is it eye-catching but it can also be very expressive.

By @rukiscroax

No, these aren’t humans, but it is very cool. I would read this story with these characters if he made one.

By @uzuriart

This is just really, really cool. The colors marry each other perfectly and the characters and original ladies are so beautifully done.

By @myrthena

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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