Captain America: Secret War (THREE)

The capital of Estonia, Tallinn, was ultimately a peaceful town. Its menial population of 1.3 million made it almost a fairytale-like world that consisted of five-story rectangular buildings with colorful red rooves and churches whose individual steeples stood tall over the city’s flat skyline. Lying on the Gulf of Finland it was a dazzling city that would catch the fancy of any casual visitor. But for Dr. Frost and her posse of Winter Soldiers, it resembled more than simply a fun traveling destination. It was the first target in her goal of world domination.

Her black heels clicked against the cobbled streets as she purposefully marched through the city, the Winter Soldiers following along behind her in all black. A golden mask covered the top half of her face and she was clothed in a suit of white, her white trenchcoat and her long dark hair billowing behind her. Pedestrians gazed at them with suspicious glances. They would soon be looking up to them with fear and subservience.

Through the city, they walked until she found the place they were looking for; Stenbock House, a three-story neoclassical building with a red roof standing atop Toompea Hill. Tourists were taking pictures, pedestrians were walking by, and no one was expecting what would happen next. A gate stood before the government building with security guards.

Dr. Frost simply reached out with her hand and the gate folded in on itself, the metal snapping and popping with resounding rings. People hurried to the other side of the street, moving away from her as quickly as possible, while others began recording her on their cell phones. She looked over at these pesky pedestrians and closed her right hand in a fist. Their phones cracked and snapped in two, sending the owners of the phones running in fear. The Winter Soldiers didn’t even need to be told what to do next as they jumped through the destroyed gate and attacked the security guards, killing them with chilling efficiency.

Dr. Frost simply walked through the gate following the destruction the Winter Soldiers were leaving behind. As she entered the Stenbock House gunshots and screams echoed off of the walls. She continued to follow the trail of death the Winter Soldiers were leaving in their wake until she found herself before a particular room. It was where the officials of Estonia’s government assembled to have classified meetings. Now, it was where the officials were huddled in fear as the Winter Soldiers pinned them in the room with their guns drawn.

Dr. Frost smiled as she entered the area, relishing the fearful expressions the men and women wore. She stopped just a few feet away from them, gazing at the officials’ faces.

“Which one of you is the prime minister?” she asked.

No one responded. She nodded her head to one of the Winter Soldiers. Without hesitation, they shot one of the hostages. The others screamed in horror.

One man, a tall grey-haired individual with a lanky build and balding long hair, stepped forward. “I’m the Prime Minister,” he said.

Dr. Frost’s smile widened. “I appreciate your bravery.”

She didn’t even need to give the order. The female Winter Soldier shot him dead before he could blink. This caused another scream from the hostages.

“You monster!” one of the hostages yelled, his words thick with his foreign accent.

“Who are you?” another hostage spoke.

Dr. Frost stepped closer to them, her hands clasped behind her back. She did not wear an evil smile or a smug look of confidence on her face. Her expression remained austere as she said, “I am your worst nightmare.”

With that, she waved her hand and metal came crashing through the windows in the room. The metal wrapped around the hostages and, much to their dismay, she threw them from the window right into the beautiful blue waters of the gulf.

Dr. Frost sat at the head of the conference table, sighing contentedly. She removed the golden mask, revealing the disfigured right side of her face scarred by a terrible accident years before.

What now Dr. Frost? the brown-skinned Winter Soldier asked in Russian.

With her eyes closed, she replied, Kill anyone who approaches the building.

Yes, Madam, he said.

She heard the Winter Soldiers leave the room before she allowed a small smile to come to her face. She looked at her hand, at the power she had been granted, and she looked up to the sky.

“Estonia is now…” her grin spread, “mine…and yours…”

And she could have been hearing things but she could’ve sworn she heard a deep rumble of laughter within the room.

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