Captain America: Secret War (NINE)

Sam Wilson and Sharon Carter were sitting in the hotel room garnering as much information as they could about the terrorists and the potential motives behind their European raid when the door to the room opened. Jumping to their feet with their guns drawn they were prepared to eliminate the potential intruder but, to their relief, it was only Steve Rogers. They let their guard down and then was instantly surprised as Natasha Romanoff walked into the room shortly afterward.

Sharon smiled. Sam crossed his arms. As the door closed behind Natasha she nodded at Sam.

“Long time, no see,” she said.

“Romanoff,” he acknowledged with a nod. A second passed before he asked, “What are you doing here? Weren’t you trying to kick our ass the last time we saw you?” Continue reading Captain America: Secret War (NINE)

Counting Down My 20 Favorite Trailers: #14-‘Rogue One’

I was skeptical about the Star Wars stories, I really was. I had never seen a Star Wars movie outside of the episodic films and I just didn’t know how a movie about the rebels who stole the Death Star plans would turn out.

It was this trailer that officially made me excited about this film and its prospects to be incredible. Here it is.

There was a strong sense of Star Wars-iness that made this trailer infuse me with awe and excitement. Specifically, the end, where we get to see a clip of Darth Vader paired with his iconic breathing. My brain exploded, goosebumps still course up my arms whenever I see that moment, and I am overcome with the gratitude that this movie really was as special as I’d hoped it would be.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a spectacular day. May the Force be with you.

‘Marriage Story’ Is a Really Good Movie

When I first saw the trailer for Marriage Story last year I knew it was going to be a good film. My gut feeling was confirmed when it started garnering Oscar buzz and favorable reviews last December for its riveting storytelling and its powerful performances by its lead actors, Adam Driver, and Scarlett Johansson. I finally watched it yesterday and I have to say, it was pretty spectacular.


Marriage Story is everything you’d expect it to be; a depressing film about a couple who are dealing with the hardships of divorce, but what I found the most surprising about this movie was its strong attention to detail and sense of humor.

Every scene is permeated with a feeling of hilarious realism as the whirlwind of having a divorce slowly breaks down these characters, Nicole (Johansson) and Charlie (Driver) until they’re red in the face and screaming at one another in a thin-walled apartment complex.

The music, when it is heard, fills each scene with a sense of effervescent solemnity that gives the movie a distinct feel. The writing by Noah Baumbach is top-notch brilliant, digging deep into the meat of these characters without ever feeling exposition-heavy or like you’re obtaining small details that you don’t need.

And Adam and Scarlett are a match made in heaven. No, I never thought Black Widow and Kylo Ren himself could come together to be a believable married couple who have to split up with one another but yes, they did, and it was great casting. Continue reading ‘Marriage Story’ Is a Really Good Movie