Captain America: Secret War: (TEN)

Even the darkness of nighttime couldn’t hide the sheer plainness of their ride. Natasha Romanoff gazed in shock at the old tan car Steve, Sam, and Sharon had been riding around in for the last six months as a valet driver brought it to the front of the hotel.

Sharon was inside the hotel checking out while Sam and Steve were putting the bags in the trunk.

“And this is what you all have been reduced to?” Natasha asked.

Sam looked at her. “What? You still drive your luxury sports cars everywhere you go?”

“Always,” she responded. “I have a reputation to uphold.” Continue reading Captain America: Secret War: (TEN)

Counting Down My 20 Favorite Trailers: #13-‘Avengers: Endgame’

Avengers: Endgame was the most highly-anticipated movie of last year after Avengers: Infinity War shattered expectations and left viewers wondering how The Avengers was going to regroup. When the teaser trailer arrived I screamed, literally, I was that excited.

The teaser was exciting but ultimately a bit underwhelming as it left viewers wanting more, oh so much more. The trailer delivered, shying away from revealing the details of the movie’s plot but undoubtedly giving us a taste of what was to come. Check it out.

This movie used to make me teary and it still manages to strike my emotions. There was such a sense of loss, of defeat and these heroes were willing to do “Whatever it takes” to bring about a win, even if that meant their own demise. There was no doubt that this was going to be a serious movie and that there would be consequences. Sad consequences! 😭

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Throwback Friday: ‘Justice League’ After a Second Viewing

In the light of knowing that we will be getting to the Snyder Cut next year, I’m revisiting this review of Justice League after watching it for only the second time a few months ago. Enjoy!

I haven’t seen Justice League since I went to watch it in IMAX in November of 2017 but after Aquaman, I have obtained an almost troubling desire to watch this movie again. For weeks I have waited to see it and finally, last night, I got to watch it.

My review of Justice League last time wasn’t a scathing review of a terrible film but rather a delighted account that highlighted the film’s strengths rather than its weakness. However, after seeing how incredible Aquaman was and then watching Justice League it definitely was a bit jarring to see the striking difference between the two films. Simply Aquaman is great, Justice League is not.


I found myself slightly cringing whenever Bruce Wayne was on the screen because he looked terribly wooden and slightly if I’m being honest, bloated.

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