Captain America: Secret War (FOURTEEN)

Nick Fury and Agent Hill led the assembled Avengers through the house and into another room located on the second floor. It was a darker room filled with closets that slid open with the press of a button on the wall. Fury walked over to one such closet and tapped the wall.

Immediately the wall slid outward revealing a closet full of superhero suits. The Avengers’ jaws dropped.

“Whoa, what’s this?” Falcon asked, stepping forward as he beheld the gleaming red and silver Falcon suit displayed before him. He looked at Nick Fury. “You do know I’ve already got one of these?”

Fury nodded. “I do. And that’s the problem. Your suit comes equipped with a lot of stuff, including a tracking beacon.” He stepped toward Sam. “Did it ever occur to you why it was always so convenient that the Deputy Task Force was always on your butts?”

Sam seemed flabbergasted. “Wow, I never thought of that.”

“Mmm-hmm. I know you didn’t. That’s why, as of right now, your old suit is trash and this is the one you should be wearing.”

“Where did you get all of this stuff and what is it doing here?” Sharon Carter asked.

Agent Hill smiled. “After S.H.I.E.L.D fell we knew we should take some precautions so we turned your estate into an Avengers headquarters of sorts.”

Sharon nodded with appreciation. “Wow.”

Wanda Maximoff stepped forward, gazing at her suit which looked very similar to her previous one. She looked over at Agent Hill.

“You couldn’t get the designers to make a different one for me?” she asked.

Hill shrugged. “This was made at the exact same time as your other one. It’s a double.”

Wanda nodded grimly. “That’s fine.”

Steve Rogers approached the closet, gazing at his suit. It was a darker blue color and the stripes, usually the patented red and white, were a dull brown and light brown. The star gleamed brightly on the chest, tying together the symbol of his title; Captain America.

“Yeah, this was a design made by the team if you ever needed a renegade-look,” Nick Fury said.

Steve reached toward the suit and, with clenched teeth, yanked the star off of the chest. Everyone in the room seemed shocked. He then proceeded to remove the A’s symbolizing The Avengers off of the shoulders.

“Do you mind letting me know why you just destroyed your suit?” Nick Fury said.

“We’re not The Avengers anymore, are we?” Steve Rogers said. “And can I really call myself Captain America after what happened? No…I can’t. So…I’ve got to fix the suit.”

Nick Fury nodded. “That’s understandable but…what are you going to call yourself?”

“I have no title,” he said seriously as he gazed at his defaced suit. “I just go where the world needs me.”

Hill smiled. “I like that.”

Natasha also stepped toward the closet, gazing at her suit. It was similar to the black catsuit she always wore but now it had dark green padding on the bodice and what seemed to be two batons resting in holsters on the back.

“This was a prototype designed for tougher missions,” Agent Hill told her. “It should prove useful.”

Natasha smiled, gazing at the suit in silent awe. “It will definitely come to good use.”

Sharon Carter watched her fellow Avengers gawking over their new suits and she suddenly felt a sense of nakedness. As if everyone in the room had a cool suit, even Nick Fury and Agent Hill, and here she was, standing in a leather jacket with a simple shirt, pants, and boots like any normal citizen.

Nick Fury saw her uncomfortable expression and smiled. “Don’t worry girl, we’ve got one for you too.”

Sharon’s eyes widened. “What?” she asked as she watched Fury walk over to another section of the wall.

The wall opened and Sharon gasped as she beheld the suit that sat within in the closet’s confines. Hill neared her, crossing her arms with satisfaction.

“It was originally designed for your greataunt Peggy but she never had to use it,” Hill said. Hill looked at her. “I guess it was always meant for you.”

Sharon stepped forward, beholding the dark slate blue bodysuit ridged with lines due to the thick material that felt similar to animal’s skin at the touch. There were black gloves and the shoulder, elbow, and knee pads were made of a darker slate grey color. And there were the holsters, resting on the hips. The suit was breathtakingly perfect…except for one thing.

“Do you have any thigh holsters?” she asked.

Hill smirked. “We’ve got everything you need.”

The house was quiet but there was an undeniable tenseness in the air. Charles Carter, Sharon’s grandfather, stood in the foyer, his wife, Isabella, at his side. They had left the sitting room to give the heroes some privacy but now they knew the time was ticking before their guests would have to leave. Charles was determined to give his granddaughter a goodbye hug, especially considering he didn’t see her very often anymore.

They suddenly heard footsteps and they turned. Their eyes widened as they beheld their guests, Sharon leading them all.

When the former Avengers had entered the house they had seemed like normal people. Now, decked out in their dazzling suits, the power emanating from them was astonishing. Even his granddaughter, Sharon Carter, looked incredible with her dark blue bodysuit and tufts of her dyed dark brown hair hanging at the sides of her face while the rest was pulled back into a ponytail. He could barely recognize the woman she had transformed into. She truly looked like an Avenger.

“Sharon,” he gasped.

As the others walked past, heading to the exit, Sharon approached him, a large grin on her face. He beheld her, shaking his head with admiration.

“That is Peggy’s suit,” he said.

She nodded. “I know.”

“It looks amazing on you.”

“Thank you, grandfather.”

“I’m so…proud of you,” he said. He was starting to feel emotional. “And Peggy would’ve been proud too.”

Sharon’s eyes gleamed. “You don’t know how much that means to me.”

They hugged and he held her tightly.

“You’ll always be my little gumdrop,” he whispered in her ear.

Sharon’s eyes closed as she soaked in the embrace. After a few seconds, she released the embrace.

“You be careful,” his wife, Isabella, added.

“I will,” Sharon promised.

As he watched her join her fellow Avengers his admiration grew. He had watched her grow from being simply a cute young girl to being an agent for S.H.I.E.L.D and now she was an Avenger. He felt tears welling in his eyes from the pride he was feeling.

“Do not worry,” his wife told him. “She will do just fine.”

Even though he smiled he felt a pit in his stomach.

“Be safe,” he whispered.


Counting Down My 20 Favorite Trailers: #9-‘Godzilla’

I’m not a huge Godzilla fan but I still remember how epic the teaser for 2014’s Godzilla was. My sister, my father, and I watched the teaser and just knew we had to see the movie. Turns out, the movie wasn’t that great. In fact, it was pretty terrible! However, after revisiting this teaser, I can’t deny its brilliance. Here it is.

Chills! It was so dire, so epic, and our fleeting glances of the mighty Godzilla was perfectly put into the film. This is a trailer worth remembering, and thus, it has reached the ninth spot on this top 20 favorite trailers list.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a splendid day.

These Are the Rotten Tomatoes scores for Every ‘Star Wars’ Movie: from Worst to Best

A few months ago I wrote a post sharing all of the Rotten Tomatoes scores of the Marvel movies at that time. Now I’ve decided to do the same for all ten Star Wars movies. Let’s see which movies prevail and which movies the critics deem the worst in the franchise. Enjoy!

11. The Rise of Skywalker: 52%


Yep, The Rise of Skywalker sits at the bottom of this list and I’m not surprised. This movie had its exhilarating moments but it had plenty of horrible moments as well. Too many to count on two hands.

Audience Score: 86%

The audience liked it more than the critics did, obviously. I’m on the side of the critics. Continue reading These Are the Rotten Tomatoes scores for Every ‘Star Wars’ Movie: from Worst to Best