Captain America: Secret War (SIXTEEN)

Nick Fury, now piloting the Quinjet, sent the craft straight toward the source of the danger while Agent Hill was briefing the heroes before their battle.

“Now we’ve never seen an enemy like this before so I want you guys to be really careful in the way that you approach this threat,” she told them.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure I can handle her myself,” Wanda said confidently.

Hill looked at her. “Don’t be so sure. This enemy may be tougher than she looks.”

Sharon’s jaw clenched. This was her sister they were talking about. Her sister was the one killing innocents and annihilating governments but why? What would make this a goal of hers?

Thinking back on her childhood she had never really known Olivia. Her younger sister had often kept to herself, wallowing in dark novels that filled the mind with twisted thoughts. And then she was gone, adding to the statistic of runaways. Sharon never imagined Olivia would return to her life in this way.

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A Movie Ranking: Keanu Reeves

I mean, honestly, I don’t think there are many people that haven’t watched at least one Keanu Reeves movie that they liked. His filmography is extensive, stretching all the way back to the 80s’ when he was a young up-and-coming heartthrob. Today, I thought I’d highlight the action star for this week’s A Movie Ranking. Enjoy!

5. John Wick: Chapter 2

Keanu Reeves in John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)

John Wick: Chapter 2 is a pretty great action movie which shows just the level of awesomeness that Keanu’s films reach, considering that this is on the bottom of this menial list. If you like bone-crunching, gory action scenes that pretty much don’t stop, you’ll enjoy this movie.

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Counting Down My 20 Favorite Trailers: #7: ‘Captain Marvel’

Okay, like The Eternals, I wasn’t really familiar with Captain Marvel and her story. Ever since we got the one post-credit scene in Avengers: Infinity War showing off her symbol like the Batman signal I was elated to eventually see her trailer. So imagine my delight when the teaser finally arrived, and boy was it a great teaser.

I cannot tell you enough how many times I’ve seen this teaser. I watched it over and over again when it came out and even now, when I get the urge I turn on this teaser to feel that feeling of happiness all over again that makes this trailer so awesome.

There’s so much to unpack from this teaser but let’s get to the point. The music is epic!!! It melds with the clips and monologue so well that it just puts chills up my arms every time I see this teaser. And as the trailer continues the music builds and builds until we see her, glowing and in full power mode, looking super cool! with that music just drumming at your senses like, “This👏is👏EPIC!!!!👏”

No, this movie isn’t the best Marvel film but its teaser is perfect. Perfect I tell you!

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.