Captain America: Secret War (SIXTEEN)

Nick Fury, now piloting the Quinjet, sent the craft straight toward the source of the danger while Agent Hill was briefing the heroes before their battle.

“Now we’ve never seen an enemy like this before so I want you guys to be really careful in the way that you approach this threat,” she told them.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure I can handle her myself,” Wanda said confidently.

Hill looked at her. “Don’t be so sure. This enemy may be tougher than she looks.”

Sharon’s jaw clenched. This was her sister they were talking about. Her sister was the one killing innocents and annihilating governments but why? What would make this a goal of hers?

Thinking back on her childhood she had never really known Olivia. Her younger sister had often kept to herself, wallowing in dark novels that filled the mind with twisted thoughts. And then she was gone, adding to the statistic of runaways. Sharon never imagined Olivia would return to her life in this way.

As the heroes dispersed Steve Rogers must’ve noticed her morose attitude because he placed a hand on her shoulder, gazing at her tenderly.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

She nodded, smiling at him. “I think so. It’s just…”

“Believe me, I know,” he assured her. “Facing Bucky again after knowing what he had become…it was hard but I got through it and I was able to save him. Maybe we can do the same for your sister.”

Sharon shook her head. “Your friend’s a good person. Olivia has always had a darkness within her that the Carter family could never understand. This isn’t mind-control that’s making her do this. This is who she has always been. And nothing I can do will change that.”

Steve’s expression turned grim. “Just…be careful, okay? I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

Sharon’s smile widened and as she gazed at him she started to question why she had willingly broken up with him. He was the sweetest man she had ever, and probably would ever, meet.

Gosh, why can’t you get over Peggy, she thought to herself.

“Everyone, we’re here,” Nick Fury announced.

They all made their way to the front of the Quinjet where they could get a good look at what was happening. The scene below was pure chaos as pedestrians ran screaming for their lives, roaring bonfires from piled cars burned on London’s streets, dead soldiers’ bodies littered the ground, dark smoke billowed into the air, and there was Olivia, or as she now called herself, Dr. Frost standing before Parliament with the five Winter Soldiers flanking her.

“We can’t get within range of her, otherwise she’ll destroy this jet like she did the others,” Hill said.

Natasha looked at her. “Others?”

Hill nodded. “Yeah, I hacked the British intelligence’s communications. Turns out she just singlehandedly took down two fighter jets. When you touch down it’s going to be hard for us to swoop by and pick you up if need be.”

“Don’t worry,” Steve said, turning and heading to the ramp. “We can handle this.”

Everyone, besides Nick Fury, followed his lead. He pressed the button for the ramp and it opened, revealing the street below.

“Be careful,” Hill told them.

“We will,” Sharon answered.

With that, they ran forward and jumped out of the Quinjet, falling about five feet to the ground. Steve and Natasha landed squarely on their feet and kept running forward while Sharon was forced to roll on impact to keep from hurting herself. She had never experienced the life of an Avenger. Apparently having the skills of a stuntwoman came with the territory.

Falcon and Wanda flew by overhead, zooming toward Dr. Frost and the Winter Soldiers. Sharon wanted to help in the fight but she knew it would be safer to make sure there weren’t any innocent bystanders and if so help them get to safety.

Dr. Frost turned as she saw the approaching Avengers. She cracked her neck.

“I knew you would arrive sooner or later,” Frost said.

Wanda looked at Sam. “You take the Winter Soldiers. I’ve got the doctor.”

Sam nodded, accelerating forward and turning down another street.

Dr. Frost pointed after him. “Go get him,” she told her Winter Soldiers.

Two of them did as she commanded, proceeding to shoot at Falcon as they sprinted after him.

Wanda threw a red bolt of energy at Dr. Frost as she made her plunging descent to the ground. Dr. Frost simply yanked a door off of a nearby car with her power, blocking the attack. Steve Rogers and Natasha were right behind Wanda. Two of the Winter Soldiers ran at Steve while the third and final Winter Soldier prepared to take on Natasha.

Dr. Frost clapped her hands as she braced herself for Maximoff’s next attack. “Come on. Let’s see what you’re made of.”

Wanda bared her teeth. She sent a barrage of red energy at the HYDRA scientist who simply deflected each attack with a wave of her hand, using metal to shield herself.

The Winter Soldiers attacking Steve Rogers shot at him but he was smarter than that. He picked up a thin sheet of metal that had belonged to who knows what and threw it at the Winter Soldiers like a shield. As they were distracted by the attack Steve Rogers rolled forward, hiding behind a nearby car.

The Winter Soldiers, wondering where he had gone, ran forward only to have Steve Rogers jump at them from behind the car and knock the guns out of their hands. The Winter Soldiers, briefly caught by surprise, became punching and kicking bags as Steve pummeled them with his fists and feet. But they were tough. As tough as Bucky. Only this time there were two of them.

As he punched at one of the Winter Soldiers she evaded the attack before kicking Steve in the midsection, sending him flying.

Meanwhile, Natasha was the first to land an attack on her single Winter Soldier opponent. She threw one of her electrifying discs at the charging enemy, briefly stunning him, before removing her batons as she sprinted toward him and delivered a wince-worthy smack to the side of his head. The Winter Soldier fell to one knee, spit out a bloody tooth, and looked at her with a crazed stare in his dark-purple ringed eyes. He then jumped to his feet and the two of them found themselves locked in a fierce confrontation as they matched each other’s fighting styles swing for swing.

Wanda, however, was growing frustrated. Her power was great but the scientist was blocking her attacks with disconcerting ease. Wanda was forced to throw up a wall of red energy as Dr. Frost, with an angry grunt, showered Wanda with a barrage of tiny metal shards. Wanda took her free hand and sent a bolt at the doctor which the doctor once again blocked with another sheet of metal.

Wanda let down her shield and thrust her hands forward. Dr. Frost, at first growing cocky with her power, found herself being lifted from the ground. She screamed as she felt the power holding her in an iron grip begin to squeeze her. Wanda clenched her teeth as she concentrated, keeping Dr. Frost in her grasp. But Dr. Frost would not be defeated.

With closed eyes scrunched in pain, she released a powerful yell that seemed to echo. Every nearby shard and piece of metal flew toward Wanda and she was forced to shield herself but not before one such piece of metal slashed her on the head. Wanda fell to the ground, blood streaming down her face from a deep gash.

Dr. Frost, released from Wanda’s grasp, fell to the street gasping in pain.

Steve’s situation wasn’t too good either. Fighting one of the Winter Soldiers one on one would’ve been hard enough but having to face two at the same time was brutal. Especially without having a shield to help in the fight.

The Winter Soldiers pummeled him with attacks as he was forced to remain on the defensive. Backward they pushed him and then, with an unsuspecting kick to the chest, he was sent flying into a nearby car. He crumpled to the ground, groaning in pain. He looked up as they hurried forward to finish him off when he heard the distinct pop of gunshots.

He looked to the source of the noise and found Sharon Carter sprinting forward shooting at the Winter Soldiers. And her aim was true. Down the Winter Soldiers fell with bullet wounds in their foreheads.

“No!” Dr. Frost screamed.

She raised her hand, sending a piece of metal flying toward Sharon.

“Sharon, look out!” yelled Steve.

She was already a step ahead of him. She rolled out of the way, finding shelter behind a car.

Natasha, on the other side of the very car where Sharon was hiding, rolled onto the car’s hood into a kneeling position, shooting a disc at the Winter Soldier. It embedded itself into his neck and sent a strong pulse of electricity through his body. The soldier was stunned but, with clenched teeth, pulled the disk from his skin and threw it to the ground. Natasha sighed.

“Why won’t you just die?” she muttered under her breath.

Meanwhile, Falcon was flying through the chaotic streets of London, distracting the final two Winter Soldiers who relentlessly chased after him. The last time he had faced someone of their caliber was Bucky and that hadn’t been fun. In fact, he had almost died. Now he was dealing with two of them?! That seemed like a death wish but Falcon was more confident in his skills than he was then.

The Winter Soldiers shot at him but he evaded the attack easily before spinning in the air and shooting back at them. They found cover but he wasn’t done yet. He dove toward them, throwing two red disks onto the ground where they stood that sent clouds of smoke into the air. Landing between them undetected he converted his wings into shields before going into full hand-to-hand combat mode on the Winter Soldiers. Dazed but very aware they fought back as best they could but as he used his jet pack to propel himself forward and deliver a powerful kicking attack at both of his enemies they were soon down for the count.

Unconscious but still alive he placed handcuffs over their hands and feet. That would help the police when they arrived.

“Okay, I got ’em,” he said over the comms.

There was no response. He immediately began to grow concerned.

“Hello? Anybody?!”

Still no response. He immediately launched himself forward, heading back to where he had last seen his friends.

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