Fan Art Wednesday

Another week of glorious fan art. Enjoy!

Now here’s a cool concept; Han’s golden dice used as a necklace by his son, Ben Solo. I love the idea.

Mara Jade is one of my favorite Legends canon characters so to see her in this piece is not only exciting but leaves me optimistic that maybe one day we’ll see her in a live-action Disney+ series.

The Lord of the Rings is very special to my family. I’ve seen the movies more times than I could possibly imagine and I know every scene like the back of my hand. This display of art features the scene where we meet Aragorn for the first time in a way that feels like something out of a fantasy tale told to children. I love it so much!

If you’re interested in more of my sister’s work check out her Instagram page: @uzuriart.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

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