What’s Your Favorite Black Panther Moment?

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the news. Chadwick Boseman, after battling colon cancer for four years, has tragically passed at the young age of 43. To commemorate his most iconic role as Black Panther I’m making him the topic of this week’s Who’s Your Favorite? Enjoy!

Black Panther’s Reveal

Captain America: Civil War was the world’s introduction to Chadwick Boseman as, at the time, Prince T’Challa a.k.a the Black Panther. After believing former Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes has killed his father he goes on the hunt for Steve Rogers’ best bud.

In an short but epic rooftop fight we get our first glimpse at Black Panther’s awesomeness all paired with an instant iconic unfurl of the Wakandan hero’s vibranium claws. The single move has made me happy since the first time I saw it.

Black Panther vs. Hawkeye

T’Challa isn’t often thrust into comedic situations yet we get a hilarious moment between Black Panther and Hawkeye on the airport tarmac that is one to remember. As Black Panther finds himself face to face with a just-out-of-retirement Clint Barton the bow-wielding Avenger introduces himself.

Clint: “We haven’t met yet. I’m Clint.”

T’Challa: “I don’t care.”

It’s hilarious and Black Panther’s reply is golden.

Confronting Zemo

One of the faults critics had with T’Challa in Black Panther was that he seemed to be too good. I think they forgot that he did, indeed, have a dark streak in Civil War but, being the benevolent man that he is, goodness outweighs hatred.

After T’Challa learns that it is Baron Zemo who killed his father he confronts him, prepared to end his life, but after listening to the man’s story of how he lost his family and hated The Avengers for it he realized that Zemo was just like him; a man consumed by revenge.

We see T’Challa accept his father’s death and keep Zemo from ending his own life to bring the terrorist to justice. It his last scene in Captain America: Civil War and the first scene he filmed for the movie. Just goes to show how brilliant of an actor Boseman truly is.

The Forest Skirmish

Black Panther already had many fans after his debut in Civil War. It, however, had been two years since we had seen the awesome hero in action and his first action scene in the forest is pretty great.

The Ritual

Wakanda was a new place with new customs we hadn’t seen before. For T’Challa to become king he had to prove it in ritual combat and after an epic, bloody duel with M’Baka at the base of a waterfall he did prove that he was the rightful ruler of Wakanda. It is a powerful moment and one of my favorite Black Panther scenes.

T’Challa’s Visit to the Afterlife

The brilliance of Black Panther are sometimes its quietest moments. The first time T’Challa crosses over into the spirit world to speak with his father is beautiful visually and emotionally. We see T’Challa as this vulnerable, beautiful man resplendent in a white robe which highlights his grandeur as the new king of Wakanda.

It is undoubtedly one of the best acted scenes in the film.

The Iconic Car Flip

We all know it; the iconic moment where we see Black Panther flip from one car backward and spin (in the air) to another car while going at speeds over probably seventy miles per hour. It is used in nearly every bit of marketing for Black Panther and rightfully so. It’s an awesome moment.

“I am not dead.”

Erik Killmonger thought he had killed T’Challa and taken over Wakanda but lest did he know that the true king of Wakanda was still very much alive. In a chill-inducing moment, we see T’Challa approach the new king with his arms spread and a smile on his face as he declares himself still very much alive to take on Killmonger.

It is one of the most cheer-worthy moments in the MCU and manages to put a smile on my face every time.

“Wakanda Forever!”

Not only did we get to see Black Panther in Infinity War. We got to see him lead The Avengers and his united army of Wakandans into battle against Thanos’ forces. It is one of the greatest moments in the MCU and a scene I will cherish even more now.

T’Challa’s Return

We all remember those iconic words, “On your left” as Steve Rogers prepared to fight Thanos one last time in Avengers: Endgame. As Rogers turns, his mouth gaped, a glimmering portal the color of golden amber appears and out steps none other than Black Panther himself with his sister Shuri and General Okoye at his side.

It is a moment I’ll never forget, my soul forever permeated by the cheers of immense joy paired with this overwhelmingly brilliant scene.

Boseman gave us plenty of other powerful moments as Black Panther but those are the ones I chose to highlight today. What is your favorite moment? For me, it will always be the moment we see him in the Black Panther suit for the first time in Civil War. As he adopts his battle stance and unfurls his claws, preparing to fight Bucky, I get pumped every time.

There’s so much definition in that single move. Like a quiet strength to his form like as if he’s a real-life panther ready to pounce. Geez, it makes me so happy.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

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