Counting Down My 20 Favorite Trailers: #3-‘The Lord of the Rings’

The Lord of the Rings is one of the most epic, if not the most epic, trilogies ever brought to the big screen. Based on a novel that would capture the imagination of minds around the world, young and old, these films are lightning in a bottle and have a minute chance of ever being replicated or matched in brilliance. And the teaser to announce the films’ arrival is one of the most magical I’ve ever seen. Take a look.

The first 50 seconds of the teaser is kind of good but it feels old. Like it’s totally under the format of 90s’ teasers. It is the teaser’s last 50 seconds that gives me chills just thinking about it. The music changes and suddenly, the magic that is The Lord of the Rings is revealed.

We see the main cast of characters, we get the dates for each film which arrive in succession after one another, and as the music continues to imbue the trailer with a sense of chill-inducing wonder, the words You will find adventure or adventure will find you appear on the screen as the teaser reaches its end.

This trailer is magical to me because I’ve lived with this movie my entire life. As a toddler I was seeing this film in my eyes before I even realized it. Now, as an adult, I can’t imagine how incredible it was to experience these movies in 2001, 2002, and 2003 for the first time but this trailer gives me an idea of just how magical a time it was.

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My Ranking of the ‘Harry Potter’ Movies (Updated)

I’ve recently done a Harry Potter marathon at which case my feelings for certain films have changed exponentially. So, I have no choice but to change my ranking of these films. Enjoy!

8. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince isn’t a bad movie but compared to the other Harry Potter films it’s kind of a bore. I really do love the end when Harry and Dumbledore go after the fake Horcrux or when Snape has to kill Dumbledore. There’s a lot of emotion in those last few minutes and yeah, who can’t help shedding a tear as Harry cries over Dumbledore’s body. If the whole movie was like the last thirty minutes it’d definitely be higher on this list.

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Throwback Friday: Who Should be the Primary Antagonist in ‘Captain Marvel 2’?

It’s going to take a while before we get to see Captain Marvel kicking more butt in her sequel which is supposed to come out in 2022. Until then, we can only speculate where her journey will take her next.

Of course, considering that Captain Marvel is so unbelievably powerful, it’s hard to imagine an antagonist that can take her through the wringer in the sequel but there will always be villains that can combat Marvel’s mightiest heroes. And it turns out, Captain Marvel 2 can feature a female antagonist that could actually give Carol Danvers a run for her money.


Meet Karla Sofen a.k.a Moonstone, a psychologist to a criminal mastermind who came into contact with a Kree Gravity stone on the Moon and assumed its incredible powers. She acquired the ability to fly, pass through matter, project laser beams, and with the power of a second stone, can control gravitational forces, enabling her to move and otherwise manipulate matter, to create force fields, to increase gravity around a target and crush it, to generate miniature black holes and even to transport objects through dimensional rifts.

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