I’m Watching ‘TENET’ Tomorrow!

Oh my goodness, you have no idea the excitement that fills my spirit as I write this. For months, I have been eagerly but patiently awaiting the moment when movie theaters would open and TENET would be available to see in theaters. Well, the time has come, and my family and I are going to see Christopher Nolan’s epic in IMAX tomorrow.

I’ve never taken a trip to the movie theater for granted but now…this really feels like a dream come true. And of all movies to see for the first time since the lockdown it’s going to be a film from one of, if not my favorite, directors of all time; Christopher Nolan, a pure genius in his own right and a heck of a movie maker.

All I know heading into the film is that it’s an espionage flick dealing with good guys fighting bad guys through time. What that will entail, I’m not quite sure, but I do know this…it’s going to be another exhilarating experience in the theater.

I’m so excited you all and I can’t wait to share my reaction tomorrow. I thank you for reading and yes, it’s time to go back to the movies!

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