Our First Look at ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2

It’s back! The Mandalorian is coming and our first look at Season 2 is finally here, via an article in the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly. Now, as with the first season, Jon Favreau is keeping a lid on what to expect from his show so these photos are very miniscule in details and surprises. We’re basically just getting fresh new looks at the four good guys we saw in the last episode of the first season; Mando, Baby Yoda, Cara Dune, and Greef Karga.

So, here’s a look at the pictures.

We see that in this season Greef Karga is sporting a design that feels like a cross between Lando in Return of the Jedi

and Qi’ra’s elegant dress in Solo: A Star Wars Story

yet his outfit retains a certain originality that makes it feel like something Greef Karga would wear.

Cara Dune’s new look is very similar to her original design except one very crucial detail: boobage. In the first season of The Mandalorian Cara Dune’s outfit wasn’t sexualized in the slightest yet we see Cara in this season wearing the same design but with a lower neck line. Why is this the case?

Male fans didn’t seem disgruntled by the fact that she wasn’t sexualized so why has her outfit been changed? I’m often very keen on seeing differences for characters in stories.

Just look at Padme in Attack of the Clones who was heavily marketed in her tight white suit and how her lips are a glossy pink. It’s very clear that her sexier look was to highlight that she would have a passionate romance with a grown-up Anakin Skywalker in her second film.

Cara and Mando’s relationship in the first season grew from having an intense fist fight on their very first meeting to Cara not wanting to leave Mando’s side when it seemed that they were about to die. No, I didn’t suspect anything potentially romantic between them but the low neckline is sending off plenty of signals.

Will Din Djarin and Cara Dune end up having a romance? I don’t know…

And The Mandalorian is back with Baby Yoda in a pouch that he carries with him. It’s so cute, oh my goodness!

The full article in Entertainment Weekly can be found here and of course, I read it. What I was really excited to hear was how Jon Favreau understood that the first season of The Mandalorian was like A New Hope so that can only mean that the second season must be like The Empire Strikes Back.

What surprises lie in wait? Ooh, the thought is exhilarating.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a tremendous day.

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