‘TENET’ Has Given Me My Favorite Duo in Cinema

When I watch a movie I like to compare it to similar films I have seen of the same genre. TENET is easily comparable to the likes of the Bond films and Mission: Impossible movies with its gorgeous actors and locations (that’s the Bond aspect) centered around a top-secret mission to stop doomsday (that sounds like Mission: Impossible to me.) But of course, it’s Nolan-esque twist is its incredibly confusing, mind-bending theme of time inversion and good guys from the future fighting an antagonist who can move through time.

I’ve only seen TENET once and my family and I, over the past two days, have managed to decipher a few clues dispersed throughout the film’s convoluted storyline, delivering some rewarding discoveries that have made us want to watch the film again the next chance we get. But there was one very important detail that didn’t need to be explained or seen again to understand and that was the awesomeness of The Protagonist (John David Washington) and Neil (Robert Pattinson.)

These two fellas, who were both remarkably handsome in their own right, stole the show with their performances as the ultimate spy duo moving through time to save the world.

They were so great together, in fact, that their scenes were my favorite parts in the movie, leaving me wanting to see another film that features the two characters stopping more bad guys through time in mind-boggling ways.

TENET is such a good film with such an intriguing storyline that it almost begs for a sequel but knowing Christopher Nolan, there probably won’t be one. But if there was a sequel…oh my goodness, I would be SOOOO HAPPY!!!!!

The Protagonist and Neil are undoubtedly my favorite movie duo of all time and if I could watch a movie that involved them walking around like the cool dudes that they are I’d be like, “Take my money!”

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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