The Trailer for ‘Dune’ Is NIIIIICE

Okay, first off I’d like to announce that I’m one of those people who has no idea about Dune‘s story. I’ve managed to garner a bit of an idea of what is going on in this film through my father’s small details of the movie and the synopsis provided but besides that…I’m in the dark.

Thankfully, this three-minute-long trailer still didn’t give me an idea of what this new (and very epic looking) story is about and I am ready for it. Here’s the trailer.

First off, I’m liking the aesthetic. Secondly, I like the main character, Paul Atreides already. (Am I the only one who think he favors Daniel Day-Lewis?) Third, it seems like we’re going to be getting some really cool action sequences so…there’s that. Fourth, thank goodness we’re getting the will-they won’t they between Paul and Chani (Zendaya) out of the way. Five, sandworms! Sandworms! (What the heck is a sandworm and what awesomeness is going to happen during that sequence?) Six, how many people are going to die in this movie? Will it be like Rogue One, excluding Paul and Chani’s demise considering that they probably wouldn’t kill Paul’s girlfriend in the first movie…at least…I don’t think they would. Seven, I am 85% convinced that Josh Brolin is the real bad guy in this movie. (I mean come on, he’s Thanos. You got to watch out for him Paul or he might end up destroying everything you love.) Eight, yay, Jason Momoa without a beard. (He needs to go beardless for his third outing as Aquaman. That would be neat.)

All in all, the long-awaited trailer did, as you can see, make me very pleased with what I was seeing and I can’t wait to see this film in IMAX. It’s probably going to be pretty fantastic. (I hope…)

Here’s the official poster.

Dune (2020)

Simple but pretty.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a marvelous day.

One thought on “The Trailer for ‘Dune’ Is NIIIIICE”

  1. Oh, you have to read the book before seeing this! I am doing a re-read with one of my readers over on Darksider Confessions – if you do decide to read the book, maybe we can all compare notes after? We are going to do a comparison post about the movie vs. the book! Can’t wait 🙂


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