Captain America: Secret War (THIRTY-ONE)

Shuri held a beautiful necklace made out of lion’s teeth and vibranium beads in her hand, tears rolling down her cheeks. Her brother had made it for her on her twelfth birthday. It was still the greatest birthday gift she had ever gotten.

And now he was captured, forced to bend to the doctor’s will even though Shuri knew, with every fiber of her being, that he wished he could fight back. But how? How could they defy this terrible foe that had already defeated them with unnerving ease?

And if things didn’t change what would happen? Would she have to rule Wakanda? Would she be able to handle the responsibility? She had never coveted her brother’s role as King of Wakanda. She liked heading the technological advancements of her nation. Having to look the Wakandan people in the eye and tell them she would be their new leader was a frightening thought, to say the least.

Her head bowed. Oh, it was all too much.

Her kimoye beads suddenly began to vibrate and after quickly wiping her tears she tapped one of them revealing the General.

“Yes Okoye,” she said solemnly.

“You must hurry. The one who calls herself The Ancient One has brought allies with her and is saying she has a plan to defeat this threat,” Okoye said.

Shuri nodded. “Then let us see what this plan is.”

Gathered in a room in the palace was Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Nick Fury, Agent Hill, Princess Shuri, General Okoye, Queen Mother Ramonda, The Ancient One, Sharon Carter, and much to everyone’s surprise, Colonel Rhodes and Vision.

Upon seeing Rhodes and Vision Steve and Natasha immediately grew alert but it soon became apparent that they had not arrived to see the will of the Sokovia Accords fulfilled. Instead, they were just as determined to see Dr. Frost defeated and were willing to break the rules to see it done.

“So, Lady in Yellow, how do you expect us to save the world again?” Colonel Rhodes asked.

The Ancient One’s expression remained serious. “The plan I have devised will not be easy and could lead to many terrible outcomes but…” she looked grim, “it is the only way to defeat Sarkras the Mindful.”

“Sarkras the Mindful?” Vision said, clearly confused. “I am not familiar with that name.”

“It’s the thing that’s controlling Dr. Frost’s body,” Natasha told him.

Colonel Rhodes and Vision were perplexed.

“So, Dr. Frost isn’t even the real villain?” Rhodes asked.

Steve Rogers shook his head in response, his thoughts immediately drifting to the moment when he saw the creature’s face melded with the HYDRA scientist’s. Chills ran down his spine.

“Dr. Frost has been granted great power by this being but she is nowhere near as powerful as Sarkras the Mindful,” The Ancient One told them. “It will take every single one of us to stop him. And I mean, every one of us.”

General Okoye looked at her. “What do you mean?”

“First, we will have to go to London and save your captured friends,” The Ancient One began.

“I like the beginning of this plan,” Natasha commented.

Then,” The Ancient One continued, “I will take us back in time to the moment when Dr. Frost revived the Winter Soldiers. It is there that we will have the chance of defeating her.”

Everyone wore surprised expressions after hearing her plan.

“Wait a minute?” Nick Fury said. “Did you just say we’re going back in time?”

The Ancient One nodded.

“Isn’t that impossible?” Sharon Carter asked next.

The Ancient One smiled knowingly before making a strange gesture with her hand. The odd necklace shaped in the form of an eye sitting on her chest opened, revealing an emerald stone that glowed with such a brilliance that everyone at the table could only stare at it in dumbfounded awe.

“This is the Time Stone,” she told them. “It tampers with time in any way that I want. The only thing it cannot do is move us into the future but…jumping into the past, that is simple.”

“Woah,” General Okoye said.

Steve Rogers stood. “Then we have to move. The longer we sit here the greater a chance this plan of The Ancient One could fail.”

“I’m with Steve,” Agent Hill seconded. “We actually have a plan that could work which means we need to carry it out as quickly as possible.”

Colonel Rhodes clapped his hands. “I’m liking the sound of this.”

The Ancient One smiled in response but in her heart, she knew the dangers to such a risky plan and she could only hope that none of them came true.

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