Taskmaster: Who’s Beneath The Mask?

The main question I’m having about this movie is who is Taskmaster? Who’s behind the mask? Here are my theories and the reason behind these theories.


Melina Vostakoff


Rachel Weisz is now part of the MCU as Melina Vostakoff. She’s clearly another version of the infamous Black Widow and Vostakoff’s role, in the comics, has always been villainous. Could she be the one to wear the mask? This would be a nice twist for several reasons.

One, apparently she’s like an adopted mother to both Romanoff and Yelina Belova, which would be an extra stab to the heart to Natasha and a reiteration that her true family is indeed The Avengers.

Two, with this film being only the second movie to focus on a female superhero, it would be nice for it to feature an awesome woman as the film’s primary antagonist.

This Guy


OT-Fagbenle is playing a character named Mason in the film. He hasn’t been shown or highlighted in the trailers but…then again…maybe he has. In an interview, we learned that Mason is an agent who has a few romantic feelings for Natasha Romanoff. Whether she reciprocates those feelings are unknown at the moment but…considering that his character is being kept so heavily under the radar, how do we know he isn’t the Taskmaster himself?

This would be a nice change of pace considering that there aren’t a lot of villains of color in the MCU. Secondly, for most, it would be a legitimate surprise.

Of course, he could just be a love-stricken agent. Lol.

And then, Taskmaster might also simply be a brand new villain who will bring plenty of drama and action to the film.

Who do you think is behind the mask? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a splendid day.

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