Captain America: Secret War (THIRTY-THREE)

The Hunter hid in Parliament overseeing the dealings of Dr. Frost with a scrutinous eye. Even though Secretary Ross hadn’t assigned him to take down her army he couldn’t stand by and let her take over the world. To stop her as one man, however, was impossible. And yet, he was determined to do something.

The Avengers was no more. Someone had to save the world.

Suddenly he saw something strange. Something, unlike anything he had ever seen.

A circle sparking with the sound and look of firecrackers appeared in the very room he was hiding in. He knelt, stroking his mechanic spider in preparation for a potential battle and placing his hand on the gun hidden in his secret holster. And then out from the circle first stepped much to his surprise Vision followed by Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff, Nick Fury and Agent Hill, Sharon Carter and Agent, and what looked like two Wakandan warriors. The final person to step from the strange circle was a bald woman in yellow robes. As she stepped through she made a circular motion with her right hand and the sparking portal closed.

The Hunter had seen many things in his life but nothing quite like this, leaving him legitimately stunned.

Everyone turned to the bald woman who regarded them with a serious expression.

“You know what you have to do,” she told them. “I wish all of you luck. The fate of the world depends on your success.”

The heroes nodded their heads before branching off in different directions. Even though Vision and Natasha were the only ones to separate from the main group he decided not to follow them, for Vision far exceeded his power. So, The Hunter followed the rest of the heroes who moved through Parliament. Their body language was tense, meaning revealing himself to them could result in instant retaliation. He didn’t want that to happen.

He put his mechanical spider to the ground and watched it as it crawled toward the heroes. Hiding behind a corner he watched as the mechanical spider reached the heroes and exploded into a barrier of plasma energy that surrounded them. As the heroes came to a screeching halt The Hunter grappled upward to the ceiling, unholstering his gun and aiming it right at them.

Steve Rogers saw him and immediately his hands curled into his fists. Sharon Carter raised her gun, aiming it at him despite the energy barrier.

“Oh great, he’s back,” Agent Hill said.

“We don’t have time for this!” Nick Fury yelled.

General Okoye twirled her spear in preparation for battle. Shuri raised her clawed gauntlets, shooting two blasts against the barrier. The energy barrier slightly fractured.

“I don’t want to fight,” The Hunter said.

Sharon’s eyes narrowed. She looked at Steve. “I’m not buying it.”

“If you’re not here to fight then why are you here?” Colonel Rhodes asked.

The Hunter pressed a button his wrist bracer, dissipating the energy barrier, before dropping from the ceiling and landing in front of them. He holstered his gun and removed his shades, revealing a side to them they hadn’t seen before.

“I’m here to stop a monster and you, you are not monsters,” he told Colonel Rhodes.

Steve Rogers’ tense body slackened. “What’s changed your mind?”

The Hunter kept his emotions in check even though he felt like crying. “A good friend of mine was killed by Dr. Frost and her goons in the London attack. I intend on having my revenge.”

Sharon lowered her gun as the information hit her like a punch to the gut. The mood, already tense, deepened in seriousness.

“I’m sorry,” she told him, and she meant it.

The Hunter stepped forward and his expression radiated fury. “What’s the plan?”

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