Captain America: Secret War (THIRTY-FOUR)

Sam Wilson paced. He always paced when he was in a cell. He didn’t know why. He just didn’t like the idea of sitting still. Wanda Maximoff was the exact opposite. She sat completely still, her unblinking gaze facing forward and her knees drawn up to her chest. Her expression was so blank sometimes Sam would pause and intently look at her to make sure she was still breathing. And every time she was.

Being in a cell without the aid of sunlight left one disoriented. Sam believed it had been twenty-four hours since they Dr. Frost had come to see them but he wasn’t sure. For all he knew, it could’ve been only four hours. He was certain about one thing though. He had been in here far too long.

He walked over to the glass and punched it again. Shaking his hand free of the pain he shook his head with annoyance. They needed to get out of here. They had to get out of here.

Wanda suddenly stood, her expression alert. “Someone’s coming,” she announced.

Sam’s body tensed as he prepared himself whatever they were about to face. A second later he heard the sound of running feet and was immediately surprised when he saw Natasha Romanoff and Vision appear in the hall before the glass. He couldn’t be happier to see the both of them, even Vision.

“Well aren’t you on time,” he said grinning.

Wanda and Vision’s eyes locked as she hurried forward to the glass. She quickly averted her gaze to prevent Sam and Natasha from noticing the clear affection in their gaze.

“I’d step back if I were you,” Natasha said as she unholstered her gun, pointing it directly at the glass.

Sam and Wanda stepped back as she shot off a rapid-fire at the glass only to have the bullets hit the barrier and bounce to the ground. She lowered her gun.

“Okay, that didn’t work,” she announced.

“Allow me,” Vision said.

This time Natasha stepped away as Vision’s Mind Stone began to glow before shooting forth a beam of energy that sent cracks throughout the glass that crept across its surface before eventually, the barrier shattered into a thousand pieces.

Sam and Wanda exited the cell with obvious relief.

“So, what’s the plan?” Sam asked.

Natasha looked at him. “First off, we need to find you your suit.”

“I have its signal,” Vision said, looking on down the hall. “It’s that way.”

Sam nodded. “Then let’s go get it.”

Dr. Frost was staring at a map of the globe, planning a spot on where she would make a great fortress unlike anything built before when she felt Sarkras’s presence.

Something is wrong, he said to her. Your prisoners have escaped.

Her head rose alerted. “The prisoners are gone!” She cursed. “I’ll make them wish they had never tried to test me.”

She pressed a button on the console before her, speaking into the mike so that all of her followers could hear her.

“The prisoners have escaped,” she said. “Stop them!”

Wanda Maximoff knew they would eventually run into Dr. Frost’s forces so when they turned a corner to find a mob of Dr. Frost’s followers barring their way forward she wasn’t surprised.

“Shit, I don’t have a gun!” Sam said.

Natasha threw hers to him. “Take mine.”

“Don’t worry,” Wanda said, stepping forward. She looked at Vision who in turn looked at her. She smiled at him. “We’ve got this.”

And “got this” they did. As the HYDRA soldiers began shooting a barrage at them Wanda blocked the attack with a shield of red energy while Vision flew forward, using his Mind Stone to blast enemies. Sam shot at any lingering soldiers while Natasha danced through the throng using her electric shocks and hand-to-hand combat skills to take down the throng of opponents within seconds.

It wasn’t long before the crowd that had been waiting to inflict harm upon them had been reduced to a heap of unconscious bodies littering the hall floor.

“Well, that was too easy,” Sam noted.

“That’s why I’m worried,” Natasha said.

“You should be,” someone said behind them.

They all whirled to find one of the Winter Soldiers holding a bazooka in his hands. It was almost as if everything turned to slow motion as a rocket shot from the powerful weapon straight toward Vision’s chest. Wanda screamed Vision’s name as the rocket hit him square in the midsection and sent him flying down the hall. The attack not only sent him sprawling but the blast knocked the rest of them hard against the walls.

Wanda had managed to slightly shield herself from the attack, leaving her the ability to retaliate as she only slid across the ground. With her teeth bared she thrust her hands forward and before the Winter Soldier could even move she had covered him in red energy. With her pupils glowing with red light and a fierce expression on her face she squeezed the man in her grasp. Squeezed him until he couldn’t breathe. Squeezed him until his face turned purple and he could only splutter in pain. Squeezed him until his body slackened and his head fell. It was only then that she let him crumple to the ground.

Sam and Natasha, still dazed, watched as she ran over to Vision who was still laying on the ground. She knelt beside him, placing one hand on his smoking midsection and the other on his face.

“Vision,” she said. “Vision?”

He did not respond.

“Wake up,” she urged. Tears were falling down her cheeks. “Please wake up.”

Much to her relief, his eyes slowly opened and his dreary gaze turned to her. “That wasn’t fun,” he said.

She laughed with surprise at his humor and relief that he was still alive. She felt the urge to kiss him but was quickly reminded that there were others present as she heard her friend’s approaching footsteps.

“You okay buddy,” Natasha asked.

Vision nodded, slowly sitting. “My skeleton is made of vibranium. It’ll take more than that to stop me.”

Nodding her head, Natasha’s expression became serious again. “We need to hurry. The Ancient One said we need to meet with her at the same time as the others.”

Sam’s eyebrows creased. “Wait. Who’s The Ancient One?”

Vision stood with Wanda aiding him. “Natasha’s right. We must hurry. Steve Rogers is well on his way to freeing King T’Challa.”

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