Finishing ‘Sherlock’: Season One

Oh my goodness, I’m three and a half episodes in and I already love this show. Sherlock Holmes, played by the charismatic Benedict Cumberbatch, is on the level of Jack Sparrow-greatness with his quirky attitude and his odd ways that continuously make me laugh. Martin Freeman’s Dr. John Watson is a different version of Jude Law’s interpretation in the Sherlock Holmes movies. He’s more of an everyman sort of individual with no sense of flamboyance or pompousness (Sherlock has enough snobbiness for the both of them.)

Each episode, spanning about an hour and a half, feels like a small movie. The plots are filled with twists and turns that lead Sherlock on fascinating mysteries after mysteries and thankfully, I still have three seasons to enjoy!

I’ve just started Season 2 and I’m already loving it! How will this story end and how will the relationship between Sherlock and Watson evolve? I can’t wait to get back to the second season’s erotic first episode. Is Sherlock, for the first time, in love? Oh my goodness, it’s fascinating!

Ranking the first season I’m definitely going to give it 95 out of 100 and 4.5 out of 5 stars. It was brilliantly written, the episodes were really fun and kept me on my toes, and the season’s finale was even more fun to watch.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

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