Captain America: Secret War (THIRTY-SEVEN)

Dr. Frost stepped out of the HYDRA headquarters, a feeling of triumph covering her senses. She spread her arms, looking at the sky as she took a deep breath. She was about to tell the Winter Soldiers “Let’s rule the world” when suddenly the Winter Soldiers’ stances shifted in preparation for battle as they raised their guns stolen from the fallen Deputy Task Force soldiers.

Dr. Frost followed their gaze. Her eyes widened as she beheld thirteen individuals standing in a row in the near distance staring straight her way. As she recognized the people she gasped. There were The Avengers and Wakandans, former S.H.I.E.L.D agents and a woman in striking yellow. Their expressions looked like they were ready to fight. A snarl distorted her features.

“Well, it looks like my plan to wipe you out will come sooner than expected,” she said confidently, her words masked by the whistle of the wind. “Great. I like a good fight!”

King T’Challa, still red-hot with rage over his grief over Nakia’s death, charged forward at the doctor’s words, and General Okoye and Shuri followed him with a mighty yell. It was official. The fight had begun.

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Captain Marvel: An Evaluation of Sexism

As I delve deep into this piece let me be honest with you; I may be a bit biased because I am a Captain Marvel fan…but my love for this ultra-powerful wrecking machine of a superhero did not come about immediately.

I didn’t know who this character was or what to expect in 2018. As the marketing for the titular hero’s first film started to ramp up I was beginning to feel like I wouldn’t like Brie Larson’s interpretation to the newest addition to the Marvel Studios family.

As I sat in my theater with my family and watched Captain Marvel unfold I understood that I was watching something that was, ultimately, a mediocre superhero movie. However, as Carol Danvers embraces her full power and takes on a Kree fleet led by Ronan himself I remember my heart swelling with admiration and a grin spreading on my face. In my mind, for the first time I understood why so many boys loved Superman.

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‘Black Widow’ Gets Another Major Delay

Yes. Black Widow is getting yet another delayed release date and this one, oh this one is a doozy. It was announced yesterday that the film would not theaters until May! of 2021.

I am so sad. I miss Marvel Studios’ films so much, I really miss these characters and I was really looking forward to seeing Black Widow on the big screen this year but it looks like we won’t be getting that now will we?

And now, because of this delay, we will not be getting Shang-Chi and the Master of the Ten Rings until July 9, 2021 and Eternals will arrive next November, pushing the releases of Spider-Man 3, and Thor: Love and Thunder to 2022.

It’s a blow to the heart, seriously. Yes, we’re getting WandaVision this year, probably still in December, but just knowing that we won’t get to feel the joy of seeing a Marvel Studios on the big screen this year is actually kind of devastating for me. I really wanted to see more about this Taskmaster fellow and how this movie will help elevate Black Widow’s conclusion in Endgame.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.