QI’RA: Chapter Two

The Shadow Council

The planet of the surface was just as unsettling as it had appeared from space. The sky was a harsh red, bathing everything in a crimson hue that added an extra hint of gloom to the planet. A forest of brambles that curled and twisted into dense thickets hid whatever creatures lurked beneath watching the First Light’s elongated vessel flying overhead. Vast craggy mountains with sheer cliffs that reached toward the blood-red sky sat at the edge of the forest like towering guards sneering down at the land below.

Qi’ra did as the mysterious woman had ordered; sending the craft to the coordinates that had been given before setting down in what was the first clearing she had seen on the planet. As First Light came to a stop she took a deep breath.

As soon as she stepped foot from this ship she would be vulnerable in a foreign world where the very nature’s aesthetic screamed terror. There was something wrong about this place. Something…dark. She now understood why she had never heard of Maul until now. Why he never had been seen conversing with Dryden Vos in person. One could live on this planet for the duration of their years and never be found, for who would ever think to come to a place like this?

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A New Age of Diversity Is Here and Here to Stay

For the past few years we have seen diversity highlighted in Hollywood in exciting new ways, namely the popcorn flicks that ultimately attract a lot of eyes and attention. In Marvel, we got to see a nice swell of diversity that continues to be a highlight of the franchise.

Valkyie, previously known as a white character in the comics, was recast with Tessa Thompson in the role. Not only was this exciting at the time of Thor: Ragnarok but to know that she has become the King of Asgard is rather thrilling to think about.

Black Panther, a film with a predominantly black cast, would go on to be the first Marvel movie to be nominated for Best Picture as well as the only Marvel film in the MCU to win Oscars for Best Original Score, Best Production Design, and Best Costume Design.

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