QI’RA: Chapter Four

A While Later

An ancient Naboo Royal Cruiser equipped with coveted artillery and a painted surface so black it looked invisible against the blackness of space sat a good distance away from a planet whose surface was a drab grey color.

In the spacious cockpit, a woman sits alone. Her legs, outfitted in black leggings and dark leather boots, are crossed. One leg slowly bounces with anticipation.

A fair-skinned hand adorned in golden rings taps the armrest, casually but deliberately.

Her chest, clad in a close-fitting long-sleeved black shirt and swathed in a thick black wrap made from a subtly shimmering cloth, rises and falls in a sigh.

Her lips, red with coloring, purse.

The transmission was taking too long. And then, she heard the beep.

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The Jedi Are Terrible!

The Jedi are terrible. Yeah, I said it! Watching The Phantom Menace the other day, I watched the scene where Anakin Skywalker has to say goodbye to his mother, Shmi, and I found myself appalled by Qui-Gon’s actions.

The Jedi are so oblivious, guided by their “dogmatic” views which turned them into hypocritical monsters. Their fear of love and attachment led to Anakin’s eventual fall to the dark side.

Just think about what the Jedi did to him! The Jedi forced him to leave his mother, still a slave, behind to fend for herself. Qui-Gon didn’t at all think to use his powers or his status as a Jedi to free Shmi. He allowed her to remain a slave and eventually she, staying on Tatooine, would become a victim of the harshness of the planet.

Would Anakin have turned to the dark side if Qui-Gon hadn’t taken him from his mother? And how many other Jedi have succumbed to the darkness because of the harsh rules of the Jedi? It’s preposterous! It’s horrible. And the Jedi are to blame for so much.

I’m hoping Rey doesn’t follow the same path and creates a new Jedi Order with lighter rules. In fact, I hope she creates a new path, one that consists of the grey Jedi.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.