QI’RA: Chapter Five


Ventra Dune knelt on the edge of a cliff, the world before her reddened by the goggles’ tint that she was wearing.

“I hate this planet,” she grumbled.

“This planet” she was speaking of was Symtora; a bleak place with flatlands of grey stone, vaulting caverns and sheer cliffs that fell into steep canyons and roiling oceans. What vegetation that could be found grew deep in the caverns where the underground rivers ran freely. Above ground, there was nothing but grey land and the sky that for some reason was always filled with storm clouds.

Beside her knelt Nienye, Qi’ra’s top lieutenant. He was a tall man with unblemished skin the color of charcoal and striking green eyes that were native to his people from Takodana. His head was close-shaven and his face was beardless, allowing his sheer beauty to shine freely. Ventra Dune wasn’t one to get flustered over men but he definitely was a looker.

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Iman Vellani Is Ms. Marvel

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has found its live-action Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel in Iman Vellani, a young actress whose IMDb page begins with Ms. Marvel. Yeah, she has not acted in anything prior to this extraordinary debut. Wow!

She apparently stuck the landing, catching the eye of Kevin Feige and the other masterminds behind the franchise goliath and I am so excited! She will one day be standing alongside The Avengers in battle which is an exciting thought.

I’m so happy for her and I think she is so cute. I have a feeling she’ll be another diamond-in-the-rough like Tom Holland and if that is the case, her Disney+ series should be very fun to watch.

Considering that production is well underway with this new Marvel Studios project, I have a feeling that we might be getting Ms. Marvel next year, if all goes according to plan.

What do you think? Will Ms. Marvel come out next year? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a spectacular day.

A Nice Reimagining of ‘Mulan’

As of right now, the best live-action Disney remakes have been Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. I can gladly say that Mulan joins their ranks.

Let me be clear. Mulan is nothing special. Its storytelling follows the thread that the original has created but adds some much needed modern twists that I legitimately enjoyed; one such being the introduction of the witch, Xianniang, a nice secondary female addition to the plot that made the story just a little better.

Mulan’s love interest, Honghui, played by Yoson An, is appropriately handsome and charming. In fact, he’s much more likable than the cartoon version. I liked the idea of him being a fellow soldier instead of her commanding officer. Speaking of commanding officers; Donnie Yen, Ip Man, Chirrut Imwe, or Commander Tung, whatever name you call him by he’s awesome and I loved that he was in this film.

Oh, I wish I could say this movie was perfect. Unfortunately, like most of these remakes, it failed to get through its menial one hour and fifty-five minute runtime without hitting some speed bumps.

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