Throwback Friday: Arwen, Eowyn, Galadriel, or Tauriel: Who Was the Greatest Heroine?

Both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies were mainly male-dominated but amidst all of the lovable heroes there were a few powerful heroines who helped not only make the movies better but also shined in their own personal spotlights. So today I’m making a post to celebrate these incredible women and debate which heroine was the greatest. Enjoy!



Arwen never had much screen time in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and for the most part she was treated as solely Aragorn’s elven love interest, which is super boring. Especially considering how great of a warrior she really was. She not only evaded the Nazgul as she transported a grievously wounded Frodo to Rivendell but she also managed to conjure the river to her aid to sweep the Nazgul away from those lands! That’s pretty awesome! She would probably be my favorite heroine if she had more scenes displaying her as a warrior instead of a sappy, smooching elf. I still love her though. 🙂



Tauriel was the only major female character in the entire Hobbit trilogy and while she was the only leading lady she definitely stole the show whenever she was around with her awesome fighting skills and her elven benevolence. Even though she was clearly beautiful I loved that the writers didn’t treat her as just a love interest and provided her a story that, while it wasn’t part of the actual book, helped make the films that much more compelling to watch.



Galadriel is an elven queen, one of the most powerful beings ever to live in the lands of Middle-Earth, and she’s played by one of the greatest actresses to ever grace Hollywood. That pretty much sums up how off the chain she truly is. And she single-handedly banished Sauron to Mordor when he was trying to stir things up in the days during The Hobbit. That’s pretty impressive indeed.


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Eowyn is my favorite heroine of these choices for several reasons. 1: I love that Eowyn never settled to just be a Rohanian princess. Throughout her entire involvement through The Lord of the Rings Trilogy she wanted to fight alongside the male warriors for her country rather than sit on the sidelines waiting for a possible doom. 2: She was never treated as a damsel in distress in the movies and she was just as much of a leader and a warrior as her brother, Eomer, and her uncle, King Theodin. And 3: On top of all that, she killed the Witch King which was a feat that was said to be impossible…by men. They never said a woman couldn’t kill him though. Awesome! The last time I watched Return of the King and she said to the Witch King (after taking off her helmet to reveal her female face) “I am no man” I was like, “Yeah. You go girl!” You could say I was pumped. And she did this while being a normal human woman with no incredible powers other than her immense will and unwavering determination to stop Sauron from destroying the world that she had grown to love so much.

All of these heroines, however, deserve their own specific accolades for their involvement in these two franchises and I hope in that Lord of the Rings show coming on Amazon there are more powerful women brought into the story of Middle-Earth.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

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