QI’RA: Chapter Nine

Qi’ra hurried out of the cockpit when she knew the transport was parked in the hangar. She had known the mission had taken a turn for the worse and Nienye’s transmission had said as such. Ventra Dune was injured and judging from the urgency in the top lieutenant’s voice she was injured very badly.

As the door opened her bodyguard, T-38–a fair-skinned human female cyborg whose arms, legs, and one side of her head consisted of silver metal parts–was standing in the doorway.

The human side of her head possessed long blond hair that was plaited and her human eye was a piercing blue while her robotic eye was a searing red. She was clothed in the dark colors of Crimson Dawn’s elite, a sweeping dark brown one-shouldered cape lined with gold finishing the outfit made her immediately seem important. And on her hip rested a golden blaster.

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Remember This Teaser Trailer for ‘Morbius’?

Like VenomMorbius follows the story of a man’s evolution into a classic Spider-Man villain. But unlike Venom, which had big-name actor Tom Hardy at the helm, Jared Leto’s track record with comic book movies hasn’t been good.

In 2016, Jared Leto portrayed The Joker in Suicide Squad and he was HORRIBLE. He is considered by most, including me, to be the worst version of The Joker and since then Leto kind of disappeared. Well…he’s back…as a vampire…in a comic book movie. Here’s the trailer.

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