QI’RA: Chapter Eleven

First Light

On a planet called Polaris; a stunning world of near-golden sands that made up a landscape of rolling dunes, towering structures of gleaming brown stone, and sparkling rivers that were teeming with life snaked through the beautiful terrain, resided Crimson Dawn’s base, Dryden Vos’s fancy yacht, First Light.

Qi’ra stood at the window of what used to be Dryden’s quarters, taking in the beautiful view with a slight smile on her red lips.

She wore a stunning long-sleeved black dress that had a sheer front over the plunging V-neck. A short one-shouldered black cape woven into the dress was for extra dimension so that as she turned it flowed with her every movement. And hidden within the folds of her dress was a blaster. Just in case. To complete the look, her dark hair flowed down her back in a cascade of curls.

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Fan Art Wednesday

I’m so excited to share this week’s art. There are a couple of pieces that have absolutely blown my mind and I have been waiting to show them to you. Here they are.

Prince Zuko

My sister and I have loved Avatar: The Last Airbender since we were little girls. Now, as a young adult, my sister has translated that love into realistic portraits of the characters and I am utterly blown away.

I have always wanted to see these characters in accurate, realistic ways and this, this is just perfect. She will be drawing more The Last Airbender characters in this style and I am thrilled to share them with you next week.

If you’d like to see more of her work make sure to check out her Instagram page here: @uzuriart.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a tremendous day.

Watching ‘TENET’ For the Second Time

Okay, TENET is officially Christopher Nolan’s most mind-numbing film. I watched it for the second time yesterday and as I left my local movie theater with yet another headache there was a sense of glee considering that I was able to understand about 65% of the movie this time around. However, the film’s convoluted plot and brain-shattering sound still left crucial plot points vaguely comprehensible, leaving me still scratching my head and wondering just exactly what the heck just happened.

I honestly feel the exact same as I did last time, even with more information lodged in my brain. The Protagonist and Neil are still my favorite movie duo of all time, the movie is still a jaw-dropping spectacle that is worth the price of admission, but Nolan’s inflated genius for this one is ultimately what keeps it from being a legendary blockbuster.

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