QI’RA: Chapter Twelve

A Plan Gone Wrong

To say the members of The Shadow Collective was fuming was an understatement. Qi’ra had never seen the crime bosses so riled up.

Everything had been going well. Her guests arrived downstairs where a Twi-lek entertainer by the name of Suyti Mooras and her band called the Galactic Snubbles provided dance-worthy music. There were dignitaries and bodyguards, entourages of bounty hunters and sketchy looking smugglers, Imperial snobs, and crooked senators who made their money off of shady deals.

T-38 despised these conventions, for she wasn’t a very social person. She let her actions, those usually being violent, speak for her rather than her silver tongue but she managed to get by.

Her Top Lieutenant was constantly surrounded by a crowd of female spectators who couldn’t get enough of the beautiful man who seemed taller than everyone in the room. Qi’ra couldn’t contain her smile as she noticed his discomfort.

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Thursday ‘Star Wars’ Story Time

My sister and I are avid Star Wars fans. We’re also storytellers. My sister has now combined Art and storytelling by conveying, through storyboards, an alternate version of the final scene of The Force Awakens and the entirety of The Last Jedi.

It’s a project that I have had the privilege to witness slowly come to life and help aid, every now and then. It’s a project that is near and dear to my heart, considering that my sister and I had always imagined a greater story than what we were given in the actual Sequel Trilogy. And most importantly, it’s another testament to my sister’s ever-growing skill as an artist and I am just such a fan.

So, considering that the story is well under way, I wanted to create a new segment of the week; one that focuses on the storyboard/chapter of the week. This week I will be sharing the alternate version of the end of The Force Awakens and next week, the AU The Last Jedi will begin. Enjoy!

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That Unforgettable Moment in ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

If you’re an avid reader of my blog you will know that I pretty much despise The Rise of Skywalker for practically everything that it is. The story makes absolutely no sense in context with the Skywalker saga, Rey’s Palpatine return fills like a swing from left field and possesses no weight in the actual movie, and the film’s climactic battle on Exegol feels like a joke.

But…despite my annoyance with this movie and about 90% of its narrative choices, there is one moment that feels perfect and I wouldn’t change for the world. And that is the Poe-flashlight scene.

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