QI’RA: Chapter Fifteen

Qi’ra’s Small Army

Qi’ra exited the transport that had dropped her into Night Shade‘s hangar. Awaiting her in the hangar was Top Lieutenant Nienye, T-38, and her small army of female bodyguards. They weren’t a formidable force but under her leadership, they would take Enfys Nest’s mercenaries, hence the Rebellion, by storm.

“Are we getting any help?” T-38 asked.

Qi’ra shook her head. “We’re on our own.”

The mood immediately became grim but Qi’ra refused to be swallowed into despair. Yes, she was taking on a mission that could easily end in failure but she wasn’t going to be mentally defeated before even leaving the planet’s orbit.

“But we’re striking the rebels by surprise. They won’t know what hit them,” Qi’ra assured.

“You seem confident but we could be facing an enemy that could have an army of over a thousand soldiers,” her Top Lieutenant reminded her.

“As Dryden Vos’ Top Lieutenant I was tasked with many risky ventures, and I succeeded in every single one. With the element of surprise on our side the coaxium will be ours and there will be next to no casualties.”

“No casualties?” T-38 stepped forward, her expression creased with concern. “Aren’t you a little overconfident?’

“Confidence will be our strength,” Qi’ra responded with a smile.

Nienye subtly smiled. “Somehow, I feel emboldened.”

“We will show anyone who doubts us why they should fear Crimson Dawn,” Qi’ra announced.

Her all-female personnel seemed inspired but T-38 still wore a frown on her face.

“I hope you know what you’re doing,” the cyborg said.

Qi’ra placed a hand on her shoulder. “Trust me.”

“You’ll always have my trust, M’Lady,” T-38 responded with a dip of her head.

As Qi’ra walked off to the Night Shade‘s cockpit she mumbled under her breath, “I just hope that trust won’t be the end of me.”

My Review of ‘Superman’

Well, this was my second time watching Superman. The first time I watched it I had to have been about seven or eight-years-old. My father showed it to me and I watched it with gusto. I honestly remembered practically nothing about the film except the traumatizing scene when Lois gets buried by an earthquake. That stuck in my psyche.

So yesterday, after a botched attempt to watch 2011’s Green Lantern my sister and I decided to sit back and visit an all-time classic, Superman. My feelings toward this movie are…mixed. I perceived Superman in a sort of reverse emotional basis that I did with the Captain Marvel film.

I find the first half of Captain Marvel unexciting and ultimately a bore. It is the film’s third act, however, that leaves beaming and exhilarated. For me, I found the first two acts of Superman charming, well-written, and overall fantastic. It was heartwarming, fun, and funny. In fact, my sappy self could barely contain tears as I watched Clark Kent and Lois Lane flying romantically in the sky over and through the clouds. However, it was the film’s third act that left me underwhelmed and very disappointed.

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I Tried to Watch ‘Green Lantern’…Tried

My sister and I tried to watch Green Lantern yesterday because…why not? We didn’t make it twenty minutes. The best thing about the first fifteen minutes we watched was seeing Taika Waititi. Too bad, in 2011, he wasn’t given the opportunity to write it (it probably would’ve been good.) Actually, I’m glad he didn’t write it, because then we wouldn’t have gotten the masterpiece that is Thor: Ragnarok.

I’m not going to even give it a rating because honestly, it doesn’t deserve one.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.