QI’RA: Chapter Twenty-One

Qi’ra vs. Enfys Nest

Qi’ra knew Enfys Nest would be a tough opponent but she still was surprised by her strength. It took all she could to keep from being hit by the rebel’s electro staff which would’ve instantly incapacitated her, giving Nest the chance to finish her.

So, she danced about, staying out of range of Enfys’s lethal swings as mayhem ensued around them. There were explosions and laser fire, ships and Cloud Riders zipping by, and through all of this, Qi’ra continued to wonder, had T-38 and Nienye obtained the coaxium, because if they hadn’t…this plan of hers could be the worst mistake she had ever made.

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‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’: Poignant but Terribly Unoriginal

I just finished watching the movie that had people talking: The Trial of the Chicago 7. I was expecting something poignant, riveting, and filled with scenes portrayed by some brilliant actors who would send this film soaring to the top of the Oscar race for Best Picture. Oh yeah, this movie was very resonant with the current state of our country and yeah the film was filled with actors known for their Oscar-nominated (Sacha Baron Cohen and Michael Keaton), Oscar-winning (Eddie Redmayne and Mark Rylance), Golden Globe nominated, (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) or Emmy-winning (Yahya Abdul Mateen II and Jeremy Strong) performances but that did not make this movie riveting.

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Fan Art Wednesday

This week there won’t be two Avatar: The Last Airbender pieces but I’m featuring a couple of other pieces next to the newest ATLA piece that I really, really am excited for you to see. Enjoy!

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Strange have similarities, namely their affinity for high collars, and because they are two of my favorite fictional characters (portrayed by who I believe is now my favorite actor, Benedict Cumberbatch) I saw this piece and just knew I was going to share it today.

Gosh, I love it!

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