QI’RA: Chapter Twenty-One

Qi’ra vs. Enfys Nest

Qi’ra knew Enfys Nest would be a tough opponent but she still was surprised by her strength. It took all she could to keep from being hit by the rebel’s electro staff which would’ve instantly incapacitated her, giving Nest the chance to finish her.

So, she danced about, staying out of range of Enfys’s lethal swings as mayhem ensued around them. There were explosions and laser fire, ships and Cloud Riders zipping by, and through all of this, Qi’ra continued to wonder, had T-38 and Nienye obtained the coaxium, because if they hadn’t…this plan of hers could be the worst mistake she had ever made.

Enfys swung at her head. Qi’ra ducked before bringing a sword up to the rebel’s heart. The masked rebel lurched back before, with a grunt, sending her staff into the ground. Dust and ash from the street rose in a cloud that momentarily blinded Qi’ra. That split second was all it took.

She heard a resounding crack as she felt a powerful blow to the back of her head. The next thing she knew the world was tilting sideways as she fell to the street. Her hazy vision saw Enfys Nest approaching, her staff glowing with electricity. But Qi’ra wouldn’t die. She couldn’t. Not now.

As Enfys Nest stopped by her side, raising her staff to strike her down, Qi’ra gritted her teeth, rolled onto her side, and with her gaze blurred, launched her sword up straight into the rebel’s abdomen.

Enfys Nest froze, her staff falling from her hands, and she slumped to the ground alongside Qi’ra. The blow hadn’t been a death blow, as Enfys Nest was still breathing. Despite the fact that her ears were ringing and her head ached worse than it ever had she stood, her sword clasped tightly in her hand.

The coaxium was now hers for the taking.

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