QI’RA: Chapter Twenty-Two

Retrieving the Coaxium

Nienye and T-38 knew it could only be the will of the Force that they weren’t dead yet as the AT-ST Walker continued to shoot at them with relentless impunity. As the female guards behind them were caught in the crossfire T-38 and Nienye ran forward, lasers flying overhead, before ducking into a nearby building.

With the laser fire causing chaos in the street Nienye turned to T-38.

“Now what?!” he yelled.

T-38 held her wrist up to her mouth, a nearby explosion raining gravel upon them.

“Airstrike, take down the AT-ST Walker on my signal,” she yelled.

“On it,” replied Solaar, her voice muffled by the noise surrounding them.

When the comms was ended T-38 looked at Nienye. “I’ve got a plan.” Continue reading QI’RA: Chapter Twenty-Two

Jared Leto Returns as the Joker in ‘Justice League’…Bad Idea

The #SnyderCut of Justice League has been whined about by hardcore DC Comics fans for a while now and now it’s finally happening. The #SnyderCut will release on HBO Max next year with extended scenes, an alternate storyline, and some extra additions, one such being the return of Jared Leto’s horrendous Joker.

Yeah. That guy is back. Honestly, this movie may not be good no matter what type of adjustments you make to it. I hope Zack Snyder is ready for these ruthless fans to rip the “Snyder Cut” to shreds because if it ends up anything like Batman vs. Superman people aren’t going to be happy.

However, I think Justice League was so bad that any improvement, no matter how small, will still be an improvement.

What do you think of this news? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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