Jared Leto Returns as the Joker in ‘Justice League’…Bad Idea

The #SnyderCut of Justice League has been whined about by hardcore DC Comics fans for a while now and now it’s finally happening. The #SnyderCut will release on HBO Max next year with extended scenes, an alternate storyline, and some extra additions, one such being the return of Jared Leto’s horrendous Joker.

Yeah. That guy is back. Honestly, this movie may not be good no matter what type of adjustments you make to it. I hope Zack Snyder is ready for these ruthless fans to rip the “Snyder Cut” to shreds because if it ends up anything like Batman vs. Superman people aren’t going to be happy.

However, I think Justice League was so bad that any improvement, no matter how small, will still be an improvement.

What do you think of this news? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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One thought on “Jared Leto Returns as the Joker in ‘Justice League’…Bad Idea”

  1. Yeah, I don’t know, I haven’t even bothered to watch Suicide Squad partly because the Joker was so obviously bad that he didn’t even look right. DC’s attempts to mimic the MCU just… haven’t worked. To some degree it’s really a minor miracle that the MCU itself actually worked, and it only did because they were willing to plan it meticulously and executed at every step of the way.

    In DC… I don’t know, I do like Dark Knight but I feel a lot like even Nolan’s stuff is a little overrated. To be sure… it’s probably the best-executed version of anything done with DC’s material (other than maybe Wonder Woman), but that’s not a terribly high bar. Superman was neat in 1980 but feels really dated when I watch it again now…. although Christopher Reeve so perfectly embodies the visual look of Superman that it’s hard to see anyone else wear the cape and not think it looks wrong. It’s sort of like watching the old Battlestar Galactica or Buck Rogers stuff again now. When I was a kid it seemed awesome…. but when I rewatch it now, it really, really doesn’t hold up. Nolan’s Batman will, at least, probably hold up, but it always felt a little…. I don’t know, pretentious with Batman himself? It’s hard to really do that character truly “right” and not have it come off as a campy, and I still think Michael Keaton did the actual acting part better. Christian Bale looks the part better… but Keaton acted it better.


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