‘Clouds’: Prepare To Have Tissues at the Ready

Okay, I was expecting Clouds to be a sappy but ultimately pretty corny original Disney+ movie that would pluck at my heartstrings but leave me kind of bored at the same time. I was wrong.

Clouds is a heartfelt, well-written, emotional film about a teenage boy named Zach Sobriech who has terminal cancer and decides to make the most of his last days by trying to bring joy to peoples’ lives. He does that by writing and performing songs with his best friend, Sammy Brown, and together they stirred the heart of the nation with their hit single, “Clouds.”

I’ve actually never heard of this song or this story but Disney+ is helping people like me discover a beautiful story that deserved to be told. As I write this, I have a throbbing headache from all of the crying that I’ve just been doing for the last thirty minutes. The movie takes its time to develop relationships and tell this boy’s story as he finds success with his songs. By the end, I was a weeping mess. I mean, gosh, I was not ready. I mean, I knew the premise of the movie and I knew it was going to make me cry but geez…

Clouds is a sign that while we may not get original content as abundantly as Netflix one thing that does seem to be certain is Disney Plus’s attention to quality because this movie was actually pretty good. I’m not going to say it was the best film I’ve ever seen but yeah, it’s worth the watch…if you don’t mind crying your eyes out.

I’ll give this movie 93 out of 100 and 4.5 out of 5 stars. It was really touching and a beautiful tribute to Zach Sobriech.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

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