Disney Needs This Guy to Play Richard Rider/Nova in the MCU

Fin Argus, the star of the hit new Disney+ original film, Clouds, should play Richard Rider/Nova. Yep, I said it. As I watched the movie yesterday I found myself absolutely smitten by the idea of him playing the superhero who is undoubtedly going to eventually show up and Richard Rider, being a teenager, needs to be played by someone who can carry the charisma needed to be likable and I think this young actor would do a great job in this role.

He can be goofy but he can also be serious and that’s what is required in these MCU. That ability to be able to land a joke while also being able to change gears and strike our heartstrings, if need be.

It’s also perfect casting because we have seen plenty of times Disney’s affinity of using actors in their projects that are already affiliated with the company. Think of Rachel Weisz who was in Oz the Great and Powerful and now, seven years later, will appear in Black Widow. Or Richard Madden playing Prince Charming in 2015’s Cinderella and now assuming the role of Eternal Ikaris in the upcoming Marvel Studios epic, The Eternals.

Fin Argus is already part of the family. The writing is on the wall, Disney. Let’s do this before he gets too old to play the teenager Richard Rider.

Would you like to see Fin Argus play Nova? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

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