‘Lady and the Tramp’ Is SOOOOOOO Cute!

I have never seen Lady and the Tramp. I mean, everyone knows about that iconic moment when Lady and the Tramp are eating spaghetti but that was all I knew so yesterday my sister and I watched the live-action version of Lady and the Tramp and gushing is an understatement.

There was a movie I used to practically watch every day when I was a kid and that was Stuart Little. That was my favorite childhood movie and I know for a fact, Lady and the Tramp would’ve been another one of those childhood favorites because this film was sooooo freaking cute.

I mean, it’s a movie full of dogs. How can you not get overwhelmed with cuteness? Oh my goodness, I loved it so much and I was so touched that, of course, because it’s a Disney movie, I had to hold back tears at the end.

This film was really great and undoubtedly one of my favorite live-action Disney movies. I’m giving it 100 out of 100 and 5 out of 5 stars. It was actually perfect.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a spectacular day.

One thought on “‘Lady and the Tramp’ Is SOOOOOOO Cute!”

  1. Your comment about your favorite childhood movie kinda gets me in the feels a bit. I’m just old enough that my pre-teen childhood was largely without video playing tech. Even VHS didn’t come along until I was most of the way through grade school, so I look at my 6yo son obsessively watching all his favorite stuff on Netflix or Disney+ and think, “yup… that would’ve been me if this had been around when I was a kid.” If I’d had that, I have zero doubt whatsoever that Star Wars and/or Empire Strikes Back would be those movies for me. I literally grew up with Darth Vader, and in some ways my childhood impressions of those movies are only lately starting to give way to a more thoughtful deep dive into those.

    I get a kick out of you saying you’ve seen all of them a hundred times… and I generally believe that might well be literally true. My top two total viewings are Empire Strikes Back and the 1984 TV version of Christmas Carol with George C Scott, in some order. I’m sort of thinking through my life’s relationship with the latter as an annual Christmas Eve tradition over cookies and cocoa with my parents, and take a ballpark guess that I’ve watched this roughly 26-28 of the 36 Christmases since it was originally broadcast. Until my son discovered Star Wars, I’m willing to say it was a mortal lock at the top of my personal leaderboard, but as he has and during the pandemic I’m kinda confident that Empire either has caught up to it already or will some time in the next year of being cooped up. The other two original Star Wars movies are definitely behind those two (with ANH next, then ROTJ behind that). I won’t go much further into the list behind this… although truth be told, I wrote out a couple versions and then deleted them here so as not to inundate you too much in my long ramblings lately.

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