QI’RA: Chapter Twenty-Six

Lord Maul’s Message

When Qi’ra emerged from the room upstairs nearly a full minute after the Imperial officer and his Imperial squad had left the party, Nienye knew something was going on.

As he approached her she smiled at him, a gleam in her eye. He smiled warily in return.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“Pack your things. We’re leaving for Coruscant.”

With that, she trudged past him, making a B-line to T-38, leaving him with no explanation as to why they were going to Coruscant. He shrugged, realizing that she would fill him in on the details later.

So, he left the festivities, ignoring the leering glances given to him by the guests in the room, before moving deeper into the yacht where his room was located. There he grabbed a suitcase and started filtering through the clothes in his closet, shoving the outfits that he would wear into his luggage as his mind raced.

Why had the Imperials arrived? Why were they going to Coruscant? What was going on?!

He trusted Qi’ra wholeheartedly and would follow her from one side of the galaxy to the other but sometimes he still wished she would tell him what was going on so he could at least know what to expect.

Suddenly, on the other side of the small room, his communications device buzzed. He didn’t know why but there was something disturbing about that buzz. As if there was something ominous on the other side.

With dregs of noise from the party still making its way to his room the cacophony of voices married with the hammering of his heart as he walked to the communications device and pressed the button. He nearly gasped as he beheld a hologram of none other than Lord Maul looking back at him.

He had only met the dark lord once when Qi’ra first made him a top lieutenant of Crimson Dawn. Maul had personally branded him with the Crimson Dawn symbol on his wrist and it had honestly been one of the scariest memories of his life being in the Dathomirian’s presence. Now, seeing him again, that dread that he had felt then was returning.

He immediately knelt, bowing his head in respect to Maul.

“My lord…this is an unexpected honor.”

Maul, not one to mince words, spoke bluntly. “I have a mission for you.”

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